iLux Live Transcoder Increases channel count by 400% per RU and reduces power 85% per channel

PRINCETON, NJ, March 11, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — igolgi, inc., a leading innovator in audio/video processing, encoding, and transcoding solutions, announced today the availability of its latest generation platform for live OTT transcoding. The new generation of the iLux Live Transcoder offers a leap in channel density and power efficiency. The new platform offers up to 160 HD channels or 80 channels of ABR. This performance is achieved with the latest igolgi codec algorithms running on CPU/GPU platforms.

At the same time, the new platform slashes the power per channel by 85%.

iLux Live sets up in minutes for any live inputs and live adaptive streaming. igolgi’s advanced H.264/HEVC/AV1 encoding technology provides professional quality video with 2-pass encoding algorithms creating outstanding video at the lowest possible bit rates, saving bandwidth and cost for CDN hosting and distribution.

iLux Live is available as a 1U or 2U appliance, a software license for COTS servers, and is also available for most cloud providers.

Since iLux live is software-defined, simultaneous functions and system reconfiguration is straightforward, providing a powerful and future proofed system. Any IP-based signal can be transcoded or encoded to any other IP format internally. The same is true for SDI or ASI signals with the addition of up to 4 interface cards.

iLux Live includes OTT packaging and an integrated Origin server; therefore content taken off satellite or any other broadcast source or coming in over IP networks can be transformed for ABR delivery. iLux Live also integrates with a wide variety of third-party packagers/encryptors so it can be used for ABR transcoding only.

“We developed this new high density low power platform to be a turnkey solution for a variety of live OTT production use cases”, says Jeff Cooper, igolgi CEO. “With the continued growth of video streaming worldwide, this ultra efficient and dense solution can save operators space, power, and cost.”

About igolgi: First and foremost, Igolgi is an engineering and development company. Our engineering staff has years of experience in every type of compression and encoding technology, and we are experts in software control and interface. From HDTV, social media streaming, smart devices, and interface to cloud and third-party applications, igolgi provides the most innovative, flexible, and robust encoding and transcoding solutions available today. An American company with research labs in Barrington, IL and Barcelona, Spain, igolgi has been providing innovative products for over 16-years.

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