Republican presidential competitor Donald Trump is saying that the person United Nations agency tried to rush the stage at his Ohio rally weekday morning is connected to Islamic State militants — AN allegation Near Eastspecialists dismiss as ludicrous.Trump was mid-speech at a rally at AN field close to Dayton once a person, later known by authorities as Thomas Dimassimo of Fairborn, Ohio, jumped a barricade and hurried at Trump. Video from the rally shows Dimassimo wasable to bit the stage before security officers tackled him.

Speaking at a rally later weekday in St. Lois, Trump told the group regarding the incident and same that, whenlearning the man’s name, one in all his “Internet people” discovered one thing shocking: alleged proof that coupledDimassimo to Islamic State militants.

“It was in all probability ISIS or ISIS-related. does one believe it?” Trump asked the group. He same that a websearch had discovered “the guy is enjoying all styles of, maybe music that you just would not be feeling, dragging AN Star-Spangled Banner on the paseo, creating all styles of gestures, having all styles of things on the net. And he is in all probability or presumably ISIS-related.”

Trump looked as if it would be relating a video, that was denote on his official Twitter account, that shows student protesters stepping on yank flags, declaring, “Black Live Matters” and reprimand reporters whereas church musicplays. It seems to be AN altered version of a video denote on YouTube in Gregorian calendar month 2015 captioned, “Students at Wright State University #NotMyFlag protest. The protest occurred to face in commonalitywith the symbolic actions of Eric Sheppard.” the initial doesn’t embody the non secular sound recording.

Hassan Hassan, the author of the book “ISIS: within the military of Terror,” says the video is “definitely not AN ISIS video” supported its content.

“This is completely farcical; the video is demonstrably faux and Trump’s accusations regarding it being coupled to ISIS serve solely to underline the totality of his cognitive content on this issue,” same Charles Lister, a fellow at the center East Institute.

Lister noted the video contains a protracted list of components that a striving video would ne’er embody, among them innumerous uncovered girls, men in shorts and tank super, and a person holding arms with a lady.

“Nobody will deny that ISIS poses a threat to U.S. national security, however giving credence to such ridiculous claims is arguably even a lot of dangerous,” Lister same.

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