The life of student today is a lot more than the supermarket meal deals, minimal study and excessive hangovers. The reduced employment opportunities afforded by the economic recession implies that students will need to re-evaluate their future prospects to measure up with their counterparts.

With the present state in the global economy, starting a business, however small, may make all the difference when it comes to your employability. Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, the two brilliant Entrepreneur of Franchise Mall brand worldwide understand this right from age 6 and began to earn money through their creative animation designs.

Generally, what do we expect to be in minds of the average 6-12 years old teenagers? Well they could vary from hangouts, movies, friends, exams and so on. But on the contrary, these kids started by creating different licensed animation cartoon characters that assist to raise the originality and attractiveness of their products. Apart from the fact that they were very smart, they began their businesses whilst they were very young. These millionaire student entrepreneurs made their fortunes in technology and possess the right skills needed to effectively run their business. They have also developed their business quite well and now, aim to serve globally.

Being a student is the perfect time to experiment with ideas, and put up a work portfolio in preparation for the outside world – most particularly as employers (unless, of course you end up working for yourself), value candidates who are confirmed to be proactive. As a student you have access to a range of resources to help you on your way towards becoming a successful student entrepreneur. A few things to do include:

Get a mentor

You can choose a mentor, or just get advice from people in a position that you aim for. This can be quite helpful in assisting you carve out your path and to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Often times, a mentor will have good links with industries and funding bodies.

Join societies that are beneficial

Student’s organizations and events are among the ideal ways to meet people of the same mind who can believe in your ideas and can offer you support, assist you spread the word regarding your business, and even work together with you in some way. In case your university has an entrepreneurial or business society, do not hesitate to join.

Search the web

Without doubt this is not only an option for all students, but being a member of an online academic network offers you an advantage when you decide to spread the word regarding your business. Of a truth, there are continual online resources to help you map out and prepare for launching your business, and benefit from the multitude of free social networks that are ideal for self-promotion.

Seek for funds

The one very thing that prevents not only the students, but the majority of people from taking the leap and beginning their new venture is a lack of finance. It is hard for anyone, in spite of their status, but there are organizations that are committed to supporting student start-ups.

I truly believe that students will be the largest part of entrepreneurs in a few decades. Until then, never waste your resources as a student, it is time to get motivated, excited and focused on building your venture.