MyCatalyst has been trained to navigate and comprehend the information contained within published analyst research and data

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, March 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Content Catalyst, the number one content delivery platform for analyst research, has unveiled MyCatalyst, an AI-powered discovery tool which is poised to transform the way businesspeople use analyst insights and data.

MyCatalyst, which leverages GPT, the OpenAI Large Language Model (LLM), is the latest addition to Content Catalyst’s suite of advanced content and subscriber management features and represents a significant leap forward by offering an intuitive and efficient method for subscribers to access and synthesise critical business insights.

At its core MyCatalyst, is a trusted AI-driven semantic search giving accurate and verifiable answer. Users of MyCatalyst will be able to ask their questions directly to an “AI analyst” that can search across content, summarise and provide source referencing down to paragraph level.

Commenting on the launch, Daniel Lord, CEO, Content Catalyst said: “MyCatalyst will redefine the way businesses access and uses critical insights, empowering them to make swift, well-informed decisions in today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape.”

MyCatalyst has been trained to navigate and comprehend the information contained within published analyst research and data, enabling users to gain valuable insight and expertise from analysts with much less effort.

Asad Munir, CTO, said, “MyCatalyst has the potential to improve workflow by speeding up the time it takes for insights professionals to develop and communicate actionable insights for their stakeholders. During testing observed that users were getting answers to their question 23% faster than traditional search.”

MyCatalyst will provide users business users with complete, natural language answers to their market and intelligence questions. The Content Catalyst team have spent over five months training the AI-powered chat to understand the context of questions related to market research insights and is currently working with analyst firms to build confidence in the new technology.

Existing clients will be able to deploy MyCatalyst in hours thereby empowering their customers with a fast, accurate, and reliable way to source contextual answers from published insights while protecting intellectual property.

For new clients, Content Catalyst will be launching experimentation sites allowing analyst firms to securely test the chat discovery functionality on their own published content.

For more information about MyCatalyst contact Edwin Bailey, COO at lucy.tinsdale[at]

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