Steps to take after being injured in a crash by a driver who leaves the scene.

ATLANTA, GA, February 29, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon in Georgia. Every year pedestrians, bicyclists, and occupants of other cars are injured or killed in the state in these dangerous crashes. Drivers who cause them can be held responsible when they can be located.

“It is not only morally wrong but also illegal to flee an injury accident, yet it happens all the time,” said Attorney Matthew Stoddard, owner of The Stoddard Firm. “Hit-and-run drivers who cause injuries may be subject to criminal prosecution and be sued by injured parties.”

A successful outcome in a personal injury lawsuit requires strong evidence of negligence and fault. When a driver has left the crash site, it makes it much more difficult to gather this evidence. There are steps that accident victims can take to help ensure that the driver who injured them is held accountable.

After checking for injuries and calling for emergency responders if needed, accident victims should do the following to help their claims:

• Write down every detail they remember about the driver and car.
• Provide officers with car and driver details for the police report.
• Get contact information from eyewitnesses.
• Take photographs and/or video of the accident scene and all vehicles.
• See their doctors and keep copies of medical records and bills.
• Reach out to a car accident attorney for legal assistance.

“An attorney who is experienced in handling hit-and-run cases will work with accident investigators and police to try and find the driver,” said Stoddard. “Once the driver is identified, they will build a claim for damages that could include payment for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If the driver cannot be found, the attorney can provide advice about other potential options for receiving compensation for injuries and property damage.”

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The Stoddard Firm focuses on resolving complex personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from motor vehicle accidents, property injuries, and defective consumer products. It is highly successful at achieving winning outcomes for clients in hit-and-run crashes and other motor vehicle accident cases. A graduate of University of Georgia School of Law, Matthew Stoddard has tried numerous high-profile injury matters in the state and has been featured on Courtroom View Network and in other media.

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