Injured family demands civil damages in the face of the defendant’s sexual misconduct and intimidation tactics.

COLUMBUS, OH, February 07, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Fitch Law Firm LLC is taking legal action against Ohio social worker Payton Shires and her employer the National Youth Advocate Program (“NYAP”) on behalf of a minor client’s family. Attorney John Fitch is leading the civil case alleging sexual assault and intimidation by Shires against his 13-year-old client as well as negligence on the part of NYAP.

Recently, the court found the female counselor competent to stand trial, allowing the criminal trial to go forward. In addition, the victim’s mother will continue to pursue a lawsuit against Shires and her employer.

Police uncovered evidence of unlawful sexual conduct between 24-year-old Shires and the 13-year-old, prompting Shires’ arrest.

Shires posted $500,000 bail after her initial arrest. However, Columbus officers re-arrested her a week later.

According to the victim’s mother, Shires called the family’s home with a threatening message, then later showed up with a gun and fired a shot.

In addition to potential prison time from criminal charges and the loss of her state social worker license, Shires also faces civil action led by The Fitch Law Firm.

The victim’s family has sued Shires and the NYAP for monetary damages.

According to the civil complaint, the mother of the victim alleged that she informed Shires’ supervisor at NYAP about “inappropriate conduct” between her son and Shires and requested Shires be removed from her son’s care.

According to the lawsuit, NYAP failed to remove Shires from the boy’s care, and, as a result, the inappropriate sexual relationship continued.

NYAP admitted it employed Shires but denied responsibility for her misconduct. Shires entered a “not guilty” plea to the criminal charges brought against her and waived her right to a preliminary hearing.

The criminal case left the Franklin County Municipal Court system in late 2023 and is currently pending in the Franklin County Common Pleas Common Pleas Court (23-CR-05233). The evidence against Shires includes numerous videos and Instagram messages.

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