In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where sustainability and corporate responsibility take center stage, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and sustainability.

ATLANTA, GA, February 05, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where sustainability and corporate responsibility take center stage, I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and sustainability. Today, we officially launch our pioneering ESG Reporting Product, a groundbreaking solution that empowers businesses to navigate the complex landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations with precision, impact, and accountability.

In an era where corporate responsibility and transparency are immutable, AccelESG takes pride in spearheading positive change through technology. As Chief Product Officer, I am excited to introduce our latest achievement – the first product in our Accel Plus Marketplace that exceeds the growing demand for robust ESG reporting tools.

Ah… ESG… From carbon emissions to ethical supply chains, from corporate governance to your social and environmental responsibility, ESG is the utopia of the world where everything works simply and efficiently, where all your data is available with the touch of a button in a single, simple, auditable, and secure platform.

You’re thinking “Yeah right!” and you are, in fact, correct! For most executives, hearing “ESG” conjures images of wading upstream… through a shark-infested treacle with the reward for your efforts being a drop of death down a waterfall onto jagged pile rocks.

The ESG river has become increasingly muddied by regulatory requirements, high-priced consultants peddling the ‘latest and greatest’ gimmick, and, software solutions that were developed for other business streams that have been hammered and beaten to repurpose them to resemble some kind of reporting and strategy tool but with such limited understanding of the ESG landscape that the ‘gold’ standard of reportable data is often worth less than sharks swimming next to you in the treacle.

Such complex systems won’t last – the excessive fees and complexity will soon become a nightmare to maintain as your organization grows, shifts, and expands, bringing you closer and closer to the waterfall with your only chance being to cling onto the raft that has been built for another purpose… Without massive continual spend, it won’t last.

So let me ask you this. Isn’t it time to make ESG sustainable?

And you’re thinking “What does that even mean?”. What if I told you that implementing ESG correctly would directly affect your bottom line, keep you compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements, and save the environment all in one? Fair enough – that’s the dream, but where do we start?

Well, how about we start at the beginning? Your organization already has most of the information you require sitting in various databases and data sources scattered around your company. We need to bring that together, clean it, check that it’s accurate, prepare it for audit, transform it into reports for carbon emissions, governance, social or regulatory compliance, and then present it to the world.

If you’ve been investigating or journeying with this for a while now, you’re probably thinking 3, 4, 5 very expensive systems, right? And probably more if you go with what the consultants will tell you is needed to ‘seamlessly integrate’ your systems. This is where most companies make their first mistake. They buy the lie that your implementation has to be complex because sustainability is complex.

Introducing AccelPLUS, AccelESG’s new digital marketplace and home to AccelTRACK – Simple, Powerful, and Auditable. It looks pretty good too.

With AccelTRACK, you get a single, streamlined platform where data from varied sources converge, providing seamless integration and ensuring your ESG reporting is as comprehensive as it is coherent. No more multiple systems swimming in the waters next to you vying for funding and resources.

AccelTRACK aligns with top-tier reporting frameworks like GRI, SASB, and TCFD, giving you innate adherence to global standards. With AccelTRACK, your reports are more than just numbers; they’re a testament to your global commitment to sustainability.

In the realm of ESG, trust is everything. AccelTRACK is designed to rigorously check data accuracy, highlight potential errors, and help ensure that all your data is 100% audit-ready 100% of the time – the elusive GOLD standard of data reporting.

By design, AccelTRACK facilitates accurate, accessible, auditable, and transparent reporting, fostering communication with investors, customers, and employees, and assisting you in your governance journey into stakeholder engagement.

We also understand that your journey is not the same as any other company, so we designed AcceTRACK to be easily customized for reporting against any data in our system. AccelTRACK is not simply repurposed software that we are using for ESG. It was designed exclusively for ESG.

No, Accel Track won’t cook you dinner or clean your car, but it will help you clean out the shark-infested treacle-river.

Ready to go for a swim?

AccelESG invites businesses to lead the charge in reshaping the narrative around ESG reporting, making a lasting impact on our communities and the planet.

Thank You
Mark Becking
Chief Product and Sustainability Officer
AccelESG Inc.

About AccelESG Inc.

Welcome to AccelESG, a trailblazer in sustainability technology. We are a team of innovators committed to harnessing the power of technology to address sustainability challenges and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

At AccelESG, our mission is to be at the forefront of driving positive change through technology. We are committed to helping businesses embrace and implement ESG principles, build sustainable supply chains, fostering sustainability, social responsibility, and sound governance in every aspect of their operations.

Whether you’re a business seeking to strengthen your ESG practices or an investor looking for tech-driven ESG insights and “plan to action”, we invite you to join us on the journey toward a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

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