“Aligning Ourselves with a Partner Such as Hyro Brings Us One Step Closer in Our Journey to Offer a Radically Convenient Patient Experience for All,” Says Disruptive Innovations’ Founder & CEO David Wright

NEW YORK, NY, March 12, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hyro, a leading provider of Responsible AI-Powered Communications for healthcare, and Disruptive Innovations, a renowned digital business and technology consulting firm specializing in healthcare, today officially announced their existing, long-term strategic partnership.

Disruptive Innovations, known for its expertise in crafting customized solution blueprints for forward-thinking health systems, identified Hyro as an ideal partner due to its industry-leading voice AI technology. Integrating Hyro’s Responsible AI platform will enable Disruptive Innovations’ clients to safely and securely address key challenges, including:

Reducing agent burnout: Hyro’s voice AI assistants handle routine patient inquiries, freeing up valuable agent time for complex cases and personalized interactions, leading to improved job satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Improving patient access: 24/7 availability of voice AI assistants ensure patients receive timely answers and can manage appointments and prescription refills conveniently without enduring long hold times.

Enhancing patient experience: Natural language understanding (NLU) and personalized responses offered by Hyro’s AI assistants create more engaging experiences, minimizing friction and improving overall satisfaction.

Enhancing operational efficiency: Hyro’s platform generates actionable ROI-driving insights that optimize workflows and streamline processes, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Reducing time to value: Hyro’s AI assistants eliminate the need to build complex in-house solutions with the fastest deployment time in the industry and an average of 5.5x ROI within 6 months of implementation.

“Disruptive Innovations is thrilled to formally announce our strategic partnership with Hyro, a leading Responsible AI-Powered Communications platform in the healthcare space,” said David Wright, Founder & CEO of Disruptive Innovations. “Having worked closely with Hyro for some time, we have been continually impressed not only by the solution they offer but by the people that make up the organization and their dedication to the clients they provide for. Aligning ourselves with a partner such as Hyro brings us one step closer in our journey to offer a radically convenient patient experience for all those seeking care and to empower the healthcare providers that serve them.”

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