Barrett-Jackson is starting the new year off strong with an auction in Scottsdale and an upcoming auction in Palm Beach.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, January 26, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The world of classic and exotic cars comes alive at Barrett-Jackson’s renowned auctions in Scottsdale and Palm Beach. These auctions, known for their vibrant atmosphere and stunning array of vehicles, are not just about the cars; they’re about the experience. Enhancing this experience, Woodside Credit stands out as a pivotal partner, offering bespoke financing solutions that bring car enthusiasts’ dreams closer to reality.

The ongoing Scottsdale auction, which is set to run January 20-28, and the upcoming Palm Beach event, scheduled for April 18-20, are spectacles in their own right. The air buzzes with excitement as a parade of classic and exotic cars takes the stage. These auctions are more than mere transactions; they celebrate automotive history and innovation. Spectators are treated to an auditory extravaganza, including the roar of engines, the sheen of polished chrome, and the excitement generated by the gavel striking.

Woodside Credit, a name synonymous with classic car financing and exotic car financing, plays a crucial role in these auctions. As the official financing partner, Woodside Credit offers tailored solutions that respect the uniqueness of each car and its buyer. Their expertise lies not only in understanding the value of these vehicles but also in appreciating their emotional and historical significance.

Potential buyers at Barrett-Jackson’s auctions will find Woodside Credit’s financing options to be a blend of flexibility, ease, and customization. Whether it’s a timeless classic or a modern marvel, Woodside Credit provides financing solutions that align with buyers’ needs. This means more accessibility to the cars of their dreams and an auction experience unmarred by financial complexities.

To simplify the purchasing procedure, Woodside Credit provides assistance both before and on-site during auctions. Their team of experts is available for immediate consultation, providing insights and tailored financing options. This presence adds convenience and a sense of security as buyers navigate the exciting auction process.

Barrett-Jackson’s auctions in Scottsdale and Palm Beach are not just events but experiences enriched by the partnership with Woodside Credit. Their tailored financing solutions bring a new level of accessibility and ease to the auction process, making dreams possible for classic and exotic car enthusiasts. Woodside Credit stands ready to turn excitement into ownership as the gavel falls on each auction lot.

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