Multifamily Advertising Agency Leader Joins Forces With Marketing Analytics & AI Startup

SEATTLE, WA, March 27, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Conversion Logix, a pioneering force in the marketing and technology space, today announced the strategic acquisition of, setting a new course toward revolutionizing predictive leasing in the multifamily housing industry. This move marks a significant milestone in the industry’s evolution towards a more AI-driven approach, leveraging’s advanced technology to develop a groundbreaking predictive leasing platform.

At the heart of this acquisition is the vision to merge’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities with Conversion Logix’s deep marketing expertise. By combining advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and tailored marketing recommendations, Conversion Logix aims to address the budgeting and forecasting challenges facing property management companies today.

Jeff Jobe, CEO of Conversion Logix, underscored the transformative potential of this merger, stating, “Our acquisition of is a game-changer for the industry. It propels us towards realizing our vision of building a predictive analytics solution that will not just forecast but shape the future of multifamily housing. With’s AI prowess integrated into our operations, we’re setting a new standard for innovation, efficiency, and client success in the market.”

The new software solution will anticipate property-level leasing trends and identify optimal marketing mixes and advertising budgets at scale. By leveraging these insights, property management companies will maximize acquisition costs across their portfolios with greater speed and precision, improving their net operating income.

Martin Stein, CTO and co-founder of, expressed his excitement about the opportunities this partnership unlocks: “Joining forces with Conversion Logix is a thrilling prospect. Our technology, combined with their market reach and expertise, promises to deliver exceptional value to the multifamily housing sector, driving forward a new era of AI-enabled predictive insights and strategies.”

Andrew Cederlind, President of Conversion Logix, highlighted the strategic importance of the acquisition, stating, “The future of multifamily housing is intelligent, predictive, and data-driven. Our acquisition of is a critical step towards becoming the industry leader in predictive leasing, providing our clients with advanced solutions that redefine the property marketing landscape.”

About Conversion Logix

Conversion Logix® is at the forefront of integrating marketing and technology in multifamily housing and senior living sectors. With a track record as a seven-time award winner on the Inc.5000 fastest-growing companies list, Conversion Logix is renowned for delivering innovative marketing solutions and best-in-class campaign management for leading property management companies nationwide.

About stands out as a leading predictive and generative AI/ML startup, offering in-depth market research, generative AI tooling, marketing workflow modeling, and strategic product development guidance. Known for its commitment to advancing technological innovation, has earned a reputation for excellence and forward-thinking in the tech community.

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