Burhani Engineers, renowned as a leading engineering firm in Kenya, is shaping the future of engineering and procurement across various sectors.

NAIROBI, KENYA, February 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Burhani Engineers, a leading engineering firm in Kenya, has been at the forefront of delivering innovative engineering and procurement solutions across various sectors. This press release highlights their comprehensive approach in offering advanced solutions in oil & gas, power, infrastructure, aviation, food & beverage, and mining, cementing their status as a preeminent Kenyan engineering and procurement company.

Engineering Expertise across Sectors
Specializing as an Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Turnkey Contractor, Burhani Engineers has a rich history of involvement in all stages of project development, from generation to distribution and transmission in the electrical engineering sector. Their mechanical engineering capabilities include construction works that ensure asset integrity and reliability across multiple industries​​​​. In civil engineering, they leverage the latest technology to support community infrastructure, reflecting their commitment to societal development.

Innovative Solutions in Diverse Industries
Their expertise extends to offering comprehensive solutions in oil & gas, with projects encompassing pipelines, terminals, refinery plants, and well heads. In the power sector, they are known for engineering systems for geothermal, steam, and gas power plants. Their end-to-end solutions in infrastructure integrate architectural designs, approvals, project administration, construction, and interior work. Furthermore, their experience in aviation includes work on airport control rooms, runway areas, power grid systems, and DC Power Backup Systems. In the food and beverage industry, they apply their accumulated experience to address various challenges, and they offer world-class mining solutions for resource extraction.

Notable Projects and Achievements
Burhani Engineers, a reputed engineering firm in Kenya, has a track record of significant projects and achievements. They played a pivotal role in the Last Mile Project, a national initiative by the Kenyan government towards universal electricity access, where they facilitated the extension of low voltage networks and installation of transformers. Celebrating over 40 years of service, they have evolved from a local Kenyan contractor to a regional player, providing customized solutions in countries across East Africa. Their innovative projects include turnkey solutions for 11KV Metering from KPLC, electrical and instrumentation works for a Natural Gas Processing plant in Mnazi Bay, and the state-of-the-art Natural Gas Receiving Plant in Mtwara.

Diverse Sectoral Experience
Burhani Engineers provides comprehensive solutions in sectors like oil & gas, power, infrastructure, aviation, food & beverage, and mining. They have demonstrated their ability in offering world-class solutions for resource extraction and other industry-specific challenges​​​​.

Revolutionizing Industrial Maintenance
Recently, Burhani Engineers launched the region’s first Valve Testing and Rehabilitation Facility in Nairobi. This facility offers swift, cost-effective solutions for industrial valves, aiming to reduce downtime, save costs, and contribute to a circular economy. Their state-of-the-art facility is equipped with certified machinery and experienced technicians, focusing on unparalleled valve rehabilitation and service​​​​.

Environmental Commitment and Sustainability
The Valve Testing and Rehabilitation Facility not only offers economic benefits but also addresses environmental concerns. By regenerating valves, they contribute to a circular economy, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new valves and the carbon footprint associated with disposal.

Client Empowerment and Training
Burhani Engineers empowers clients with comprehensive services and technical training, enhancing valve performance and operational efficiency. Their approach goes beyond service provision, focusing on educating clients on best practices for improved equipment longevity.

Legacy and Regional Presence
With a legacy of excellence in engineering, Burhani Engineers’ track record spans East and Central Africa. Collaborating with private, public, and development partners, they execute turnkey infrastructure projects, meeting the growing infrastructure needs of a rapidly expanding African population​​​​.

Burhani Engineers represents the pinnacle of engineering innovation and expertise in Kenya. As a leading Kenyan engineering and procurement company, their contributions span multiple sectors, demonstrating a remarkable ability to adapt and excel in an evolving industry. With a commitment to sustainable practices, client empowerment, and regional growth, they are not only leading in engineering solutions but also in fostering economic and environmental sustainability. Their dedication to excellence, innovation, and community development continues to set them apart, making them a beacon of progress in Kenya’s engineering landscape. As they move forward, they remain committed to enhancing infrastructure, driving innovation, and shaping the future of engineering in Kenya and beyond.

Regarded as one of the best engineering firms in Kenya, Burhani Engineers is dedicated to excellence and innovation in the engineering industry. Their highly skilled professionals are adept at providing top-tier solutions across electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, and instrumentation fields. This versatility allows them to cater to a diverse range of projects, ensuring each is tailored to meet unique client needs and align with global standards and local regulations.

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