Discover the not-so-common secrets behind transforming your website’s performance and efficiency.

SURREY, BC, March 21, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a digitally driven marketplace, Audit by Chérie emerges as a bespoke beacon in the realms of website optimization and customer-focused service. Founded by Chérie Oduwole, an expert with a fine-tuned approach to enhancing both customer experience and web development, Audit by Chérie offers tailor-made strategies to escalate website efficiency, heighten conversion rates, and deepen user engagement.

When asked about the inception of Audit by Chérie, and what sets it apart in the fiercely competitive landscape of website optimization, Chérie elucidates, “Where do I start? My love for websites began 10 years ago. I’ve always been drawn to the challenge of building and analyzing them, paired with a strong drive to help others. During my tenure managing multiple businesses as a virtual assistant and e-commerce business owner, I joined several business groups on Facebook. My feed then became a constant stream of business owners voicing their frustrations and seeking advice on how to enhance their websites for better sales. Despite their efforts, many struggled with converting visitors into customers or attracting visitors in the first place. Given my knack for technology (give me a computer and internet access, and I’ll solve almost anything) and my eagerness to help, I found myself offering solutions and hands-on assistance. This journey led me to create Audit by Chérie, where my unique blend of skills in web development, analytics, and customer service could truly make an impact.”

Audit by Chérie distinguishes itself through a commitment to simplifying the optimization process, making recommendations understandable and actionable. “I uniquely tailor each handwritten audit to align with the specific goals and target market of my clients. While I don’t offer full-scale implementation services, I support clients with initial setup assistance for essential tools and platforms. This targeted help ensures clients can effectively leverage my recommendations, combining impartial advice with practical, start-up support for a comprehensive optimization strategy. I also build on my understanding of customer and business perspectives, and draft the reports from both angles. Another important thing is since I work directly with the business owners, I make sure the reports are clear, free of technical jargon, and designed to be actionable. My overall approach ensures clients can directly enhance their platforms effectively, saving time and money. It’s about empowering them with the knowledge to sustain and build upon this growth independently.”

Chérie articulates five simple but not-so-common secrets to maximizing website efficiency:

1. “Center Your Website Around Your Ideal Client: The foundation of a high-converting website is recognizing that it’s for your clients, not just a showcase for your business. Every decision, content piece, and functionality should be crafted with your ideal client in mind, aligning your website more closely with their needs and expectations.”

2. “Embrace Analytics Tools with a Purpose: Analytics offer a window into your website visitors’ behaviours and preferences. Use in-depth tools that go beyond traditional metrics—those that provide insights through heatmaps, session recordings, and more, invaluable for targeted improvements.”

3. “Actively Seek Out and Value Feedback: Direct feedback from visitors, clients, and even past clients is crucial. It provides unfiltered insights into your website’s performance. Utilizing surveys or user testing tools can systematically gather this feedback, directing site optimization for better engagement and conversions.”

4. “Tailor Your Content for Connection: Avoid generic statements or images. Your website should use content that speaks directly to your ideal clients, increasing engagement and building trust by reflecting their needs and desires.”

5. “Adopt a Test-and-Learn Mentality: Testing all changes and observing their impact is key. Retain enhancements that result in positive outcomes and discard those that don’t. This process is essential for continuous improvement and optimization.”

“In essence,” Chérie emphasizes, “maximizing website conversion rates and engagement is about strategic, informed actions that resonate with your audience.”

Addressing business owners seeking to refine their online presence, Chérie offers a piece of candid advice, “Be persistent and please, seek help when needed! The internet is full of solutions and people willing to support your journey. Surround yourself with a community of like-minded business owners for motivation. Persistence, coupled with faith and the willingness to seek help, is key to overcoming obstacles and achieving your online goals.”

The effectiveness and value of the services provided by Audit by Chérie are underscored by testimonials from business owners who have benefited from her expertise:

Christine Welsh of ChrisW Designs (Australia): “Kind, friendly, and very supportive customer service was the thing that I liked best. I loved the report due to the commonsense improvements for things that were ‘staring me in the face,’ but I just didn’t see. I feel this report will definitely help me make my website more user-friendly moving forward. I highly recommend Chérie’s services to anyone needing a thorough (and doable) website audit.”

Jess B, Online Business Manager (United States): “I had the pleasure of working with Chérie. She completed a very thorough and comprehensive audit of my website and provided clear and concise feedback that was well balanced with constructive criticism for improvements. I would highly recommend Chérie for your business.”

Anika D, Blogger (United States): “She was excellent in finding out the problem I had and finding the answers – even asking whether I wanted a written or video answer! She was easy to work with and found me not only something written but some illustrations to go with it so that I could get the exact information I needed. This was beyond what she had initially intended to offer so I am delighted to recommend her.”

For those seeking to transform their website and enhance its performance, explore further insights at Engage with the Website Efficiency Assessment quiz to evaluate your site’s current performance, with a complimentary personalized SEO report offered should an audit prove beneficial.

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