Charting the Future of Healthcare with Dr. Nabil Alhakamy: Transformative Strategies and Global Ambitions

JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA, March 26, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ —

Al-Teriaq Pharma: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Innovation from King Abdulaziz University to Global Markets

In alignment with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the pharmaceutical and medical supplies sector is recognized as crucial for propelling economic progress and supporting societal development. This shift towards a sustainable knowledge-based economy highlights the critical role of these strategic industries. Al-Teriaq Pharma Company is a leading pharmaceutical and medical supplies firm located in Jeddah City, within King Abdulaziz University. It is one of the companies under the Wadi Jeddah group, which serves as the investment arm of King Abdulaziz University.

The company is at the forefront of a transformative movement in the healthcare sector. Established under the visionary leadership of Sattam Lingawi, the CEO of Wadi Jeddah Co., and Dr. Nabil Alhakamy, Al-Teriaq Pharma is dedicated to spearheading advancements in the pharmaceutical realm and contributing to strategic industry localization with a steadfast commitment to fostering local development.

As the founder, Dr. Nabil Alhakamy epitomizes dedication, forward-thinking leadership, and a significant impact on the industry. His deep insights into the pharmaceutical sector have enabled him to expertly navigate its complexities and formulate a strategic direction that is in perfect harmony with the ambitious goals of Vision 2030.

Al-Teriaq Pharma stands at the forefront of fostering an innovation-driven ecosystem within the pharmaceutical landscape. Its strategic focus on identifying and addressing market needs has led to remarkable achievements, including the development of medical and pharmaceutical products that have received approval from the Saudi FDA. This success aligns with the “Made in Saudi” initiative, emphasizing the importance of local production and self-sufficiency, and highlights Al-Teriaq Pharma’s commitment to promoting local talent and enhancing the national pharmaceutical industry.

The company cultivates a culture rooted in collaboration, teamwork, and innovation, bringing together multidisciplinary teams to enhance their skills and encourage innovative solutions. Al-Teriaq Pharma recognizes the vital connection between academic research and industry application, leading the way in pharmaceutical innovation by seamlessly integrating these spheres.

With a solid foundation in the local market, Al-Teriaq Pharma is now setting its sights on international expansion, ready to introduce its high-quality products to a global audience and establish a prominent international presence.

Looking forward, Al-Teriaq Pharma is strategically positioned to evolve into a regional hub of pharmaceutical excellence. The company is dedicated to becoming a beacon of innovation in the field, contributing to health care advancements and the economic prosperity of the wider community.

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