How Self-Talk is Killing Our Happiness

RALEIGH, NC, February 05, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Every day the average person has 60,000 thoughts. Even more astonishing though is 80% of those thoughts are negative. Subconsciously, this doesn’t faze us, but stop and take a moment to consciously reflect on that. Think about how if every time you had a thought it was negative? You would feel pretty bad about yourself; yet, this is exactly what we’re doing without even realizing it.

In Georgia Homsany’s new book- You’re Not Lazy- she uncovers typical phrases we like to tell ourselves on repeat, such as “I’m so lazy,” “I’m selfish” and “I’m so bad at (insert just about anything here).” The reason why this isn’t talked about that much is because we often don’t even notice we are doing it.

Homsany compares re-working our self talk to going to the gym. If you want to be physically fit, you work out. But what do you do to keep mentally healthy? Homsany says we need to go to the “brain gym” by first having the awareness of this negative self-talk. In her book, she goes through steps to identify the most common phrases we tell ourselves and how to course correct in order to start having more positive self-talk to improve confidence and self-esteem.

Homsany started her career in Marketing and worked in the corporate world before reaching a point of burnout, which led her to start her own company- DAILY DOSE Wellness. She currently works with companies to provide virtual wellness programs covering yoga, meditation, nutrition, ergonomics and financial wellness. She is also a mental health speaker covering topics such as stress management, burnout and protecting our mental health.

“I’ve learned a lot about psychology and human behavior since starting DAILY DOSE” commented Homsany. “A lot of the coaching programs, books and podcasts I’ve consumed enlightened me to the world of mindfulness and mental health and self-talk was part of that. I kept hearing hard-working people call themselves lazy and it was driving me crazy, which inspired me to write this book. The message is too important to not get out to the public.”

Who does You’re Not Lazy appeal to? Well, just about anyone, but a lot of Homsany’s work is with corporations, therefore, she dedicated a chapter of the book to self-talk in the workplace. She also provides mental health workshops and is currently developing a course for the corporate space to improve productivity and team dynamics through positive communication. Email [email protected] for more info.

Homsany also offers a 90 day self-talk masterclass available for additional support when you purchase the book.

If you’re looking to boost your self-worth, pick up a copy of- You’re Not Lazy: Change Your Words to Change Your Worth available on Amazon and direct purchase via

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DAILY DOSE is a corporate wellness company hosting virtual webinars, workshops and health fairs for businesses covering yoga, meditation, nutrition, financial wellness, ergonomics, mindfulness and mental health for their employees. DAILY DOSE caters to corporate businesses, non-profits, schools, coworking spaces and residential communities.

Georgia Homsany is the Founder & CEO of DAILY DOSE, a corporate wellness company providing virtual “wellness breaks” to give employees the time needed to prevent burnout and promote positive mental health.

She began her career in Marketing & Brand Management before starting DAILY DOSE. She is a self-taught wellness guru with a business background and has completed courses on Managing your Mental Health during COVID, Decoding Digestion and Yoga Psychology. She is a member of the Raleigh Metro Society for Human Resource Management and writes their Wellness Blog. She also serves on the Program Advisory Committee for Everglades University and is trained in Reiki- Level II.

Georgia is a New Jersey native with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Scranton and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Boston University.

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