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IDAHO FALLS, ID, February 02, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Green Kids Club (GKC), headquartered in Idaho, USA, is thrilled to unveil its exciting partnership with Twinkl, a leading, global educational resource provider based in Sheffield, UK. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to empower young minds globally through engaging educational content.

Twinkl has agreed to feature a selection of GKC Environmental Hero books on its educational resources website and book list, reinforcing the environmental themes championed by the Green Kids Club. As part of this collaboration, all GKC members will get free access to a curated selection of resource pages that align with the content of the Green Kids Club book on the Twinkl website.

Sylvia Medina is the visionary founder of Green Kids Club and author of the acclaimed 20+ book series. Medina’s passion for environmental activism has inspired meaningful connections with numerous non-profit organizations and rescue missions worldwide. Her partnerships include Elephants Without Borders, Blood Lions, Saving the Survivors, and the Orang Utan Republik Foundation, Love the Wild Foundation and others.

Furthermore, a portion of GKC’s proceeds is dedicated to supporting animal welfare, conservation efforts, and family-centric causes—all detailed on the GKC website.

Additionally, the non-profit arm of GKC, “Wild Green Kids” can be accessed through the website, providing an educational hub where children from around the world can explore the wonders of our planet and its inhabitants while participating in quizzes, reading, playing games, and accepting challenges that contribute to the betterment of our Environment.

Eunice Cruz, a Content Executive at Twinkl, shared her enthusiasm, stating “Twinkl is dedicated to supporting millions of educators across the United States and more than 200 countries globally by offering high-quality, affordable teaching resources. Our extensive library of standards-aligned curriculum materials is crafted by experienced educators, professionally designed and illustrated. With over one million instantly downloadable digital and printable teaching resources available on the Twinkl website and new resources continuously added, we are equipped to assist educators are shining brightly. Twinkl supports teachers and parents around the world in educating young people about the relevance of sustainability and protecting the environment.”

The collaborative partnership between Green Kids Club and Twinkl heralds an exciting future. Both organizations are poised to expand their educational outreach, enriching the lives of children and families on a global scale. Together, they aim to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental stewards and learners.

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About Green Kids Club
Green Kids Club is a renowned provider of educational materials and books aimed at nurturing environmental awareness and fostering a love for the planet’s diverse ecosystems. Founded by Sylvia Medina, Green Kids Club is committed to promoting wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship among children and families worldwide. To learn more, visit www.greenkidsclub.com.

About Twinkl
Twinkl is a leading global educational resource provider dedicated to empowering educators with high-quality, cost-effective teaching materials. Operating in more than 200 countries, Twinkl offers a vast collection of standards-aligned curriculum resources designed by experienced educators and professionals.

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