Whether it’s intricately embroidered shirts or one-of-a-kind leather jackets, these RG devotees revel in the meticulous workmanship and detailed designs.

FORT WORTH, TX, February 15, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you’re a fan of the popular Robert Graham clothing designer line, you’d be remiss if you didn’t at least peruse the Robert Graham Clothing Collectors Facebook Group.

Spearheaded by Fort Worth entrepreneur and commercial real estate developer Ron Sturgeon, the Facebook group boasts more than 4,500 members, and allows aficionados of the Robert Graham brand to connect, share information and photos, and sell or trade their RG items without fees or commissions. According to Sturgeon, it’s open to anyone who shares a love for the brand.

“We’re always looking for new members,” Sturgeon said. “If you love Robert Graham clothing and accessories, we’d certainly love to have you join us.”

Visitors to the page will find a little bit of random serendipity in the posts and photos, whether it’s shirts, shopping excursions, exotic travels, or even meals. Indeed, one gentleman regularly posts photos with commentary about his Robert Graham “shirt du jour,” along with descriptions and images of his latest culinary creations.

“Just got Jack Dripper…passed on it a few times, but I like it. Nice melting colors and some embroidery on the front. Last night I made some scrumptious Chinese takeout-style double-fried crispy wings…paired it with a full-bodied, dry Spanish Monastrell…a little oaky with hints of blackberries.”

For these dyed-in-the-wool devotees of designer textiles, the Robert Graham Clothing Collectors Facebook Group is their mecca. Members share posts about everything Robert Graham, including shoes, pants and colognes. They volunteer useful information that others might find helpful, such as sizing tips.

The group holds a closet sale on the first two days of every month. What’s a closet sale? Well, that’s when members post their own shirts for sale on the page. Someone might have dropped a few pounds, and in that case, one man’s loss is another man’s gain. For example, a member posted, “I have a bunch of shirts that don’t fit as well as they did. Rather than selling them, I was wondering if anyone wanted to post some of items they’d consider trading? I have mostly XL, XXL, and XXXL.” He received 15 “thumbs up” on that one, so clearly there’s more than just a passing interest.

In addition to posting photos, the folks who are selling are really good about including details, such as style name, fabric content, size, fit, and other relevant details. They usually include their asking prices, so if you see something you love, you don’t need to engage in unnecessary banter. The biggest benefit of buying or selling your Robert Graham clothing on this page is that neither sellers nor buyers pay a fee.

And if you’re searching for a particular hard-to-find Robert Graham shirt, this page is for you. All you need to do is specify the style name or picture of what you’re seeking, and include the size you need. You never know what you’ll find here, and you just might get lucky!

One gentleman posted this photo of a recent shirt trade he’d completed with another member, saying, “Just swapped out these two beauties with my pal, who takes great care of his collection, as I do.”

There are some truly entertaining posts that show how some of these Robert Graham collectors are truly cut from the same cloth. One gentleman shared his organizational skills—a numbered list (with photos) explaining how he keeps track of when and where he wore a particular shirt:

1. Keep original tags on hanger.
2. Create a new tag with some basic information.
3. On the back, I include date of purchase at the top, and the dates I wear it. Double line contains the dry cleaning dates.
4. Attach a clear bag to store the collar stays while the shirt is at the dry cleaners.

Another member posted in agreement, but noted that he keeps all that information computerized on a simple spreadsheet. This response was met with figurative cheers from several others who’ve adopted the same system. The next person laughed and said he’d done something similar, adding, “After so many years of collecting RG, it gets hard to keep track of the rotation.”

And one fellow probably is hard at work on his computer right now, as he enthusiastically gushed, “This is a great idea! Now I have to do that for 300+ shirts.”

This type of interchange perfectly illustrates the devotion to the brand, and it’s what makes the Robert Graham Clothing Collectors Facebook Group so unique. While visiting the page, you’ll see posts about selling or buying shirts, but according to Sturgeon, that’s just a small part of what the group embodies. This group exists because of its mutual love for a great designer, but it’s the participants who actually add the personal touch, he added.

“Members want to know about you and what you enjoy doing, where you travel, and what makes you different,” Sturgeon said. “And of course, we love seeing photos of your Robert Graham treasures too.”

Ladies, take note: the group isn’t limited to men, and Robert Graham designs aren’t just for men. At its inception, the Robert Graham line focused solely on men’s shirts, but the designer has since expanded its line to feature women’s garments, including silk shirts and scarves, dresses, pants and jackets.

*The Facebook group Robert Graham Clothing Collectors has no affiliation with Robert Graham.

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