Katherine Batsis, acclaimed author and web series host, launches the third episode of ‘Kathi’s Perspective,’ inspired by her new book ‘Grateful and Blessed.’ Plus, find out about her first book’s notable distinction. Both are available on Amazon.com.

GREENFIELD, MA, February 19, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Get ready for an exciting journey as author Katherine Batsis delivers yet another hilarious and thrilling episode of her acclaimed podumentary, Kathi’s Perspective. Through Kathi’s poetry, this third episode offers a lighthearted and insightful exploration of how technology, from vintage gadgets to cutting-edge innovations, has made our lives easier and better. Kathi also covers her hobbies and special interests so captivatingly, you’ll feel as if you were there with her!

The centerpiece of the episode is Kathi’s poem, “Time to Get a Gismo,” a unique blend of poetry and technology that promises to entertain, enlighten, and inspire. The rollicking stanzas and comforting refrain takes audiences on a whimsical ride through the evolution of technology, showcasing the quirks and marvels that have defined generations. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply curious about the impact of innovation, this one is a must-see. Aside from “Time to Get a Gismo” the author recites and discusses other equally compelling works from her recent book of poetry, followed by insightful discussion and analyzation.

“Every poem lands and completes on the same drumbeat phrase, no questions asked,” explains Katherine Batsis. “‘And I am grateful and blessed.’ It works like magic in my mind’s eye, and I believe it can do the very same for any person anywhere, in any language, anytime.”

Kathi’s new book, “Grateful and Blessed,” beautifully complements her previous, acclaimed work and is the basis of these new episodes’ long-form discussions. “Grateful and Blessed” is a touching reflection on gratitude, inspiration, and personal growth, making it a perfect companion to the themes explored in the “Kathi’s Perspective” podumentary series. We encourage you to explore Kathi’s books and embark on a journey of self-discovery and thankfulness. All of this groundbreaking content is not to be missed!

In other big news, Katherine Batsis’ first book “Dr. Andrew Batsis, Husband! Dentist! Kiwanian! Santa Claus?” was recently republished and received the Notable Book distinction from Pacific Book Review. Click here to learn more.

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