Crow writes meticulously researched, entertaining novels of romance, history, adventure and mystery in an engaging you-are-there style that allows readers to live the history. Reviewers have compared her work with PD James, Dan Brown and Barbara Pym.

WILMINGTON, NC, February 15, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — For some of us, reading can become an all-consuming pastime. But it can be a challenge to find the time to read as many books as we would like. Enter the audiobook, which allows us to “listen” to a book while working, driving, or doing other things that don’t require our undivided attention and concentration. In a recent blog post titled “My Experience with the Audiobook Revolution,” bestselling author Donna Fletcher presented the fascinating history of audiobooks and the reasons why a low-tech, slow-adapter finally took the plunge.

“For many years,” Crow wrote, “I have been asked frequently, ‘Are your books available in audio?’ My answer was sketchy, I have had several titles recorded for the blind—which pleases me greatly—and in 2013 my publisher produced audiobooks of what were then the first two titles in my Elizabeth and Richard series. That was it.

“Until a few months ago when Amazon began offering voice-generated audiobooks. Being a low-tech, slow-adapter, I hesitated. But in January I took the plunge with ‘Going There,’ Tales from the Riviera and Beyond. I was amazed. Truly, three clicks did the job. I selected a lovely British female voice, set the price near the minimum allowed, and clicked publish. I now have 23 audiobooks (about half of my published titles) available for readers who want the listening experience.”

Crow’s books now available in audiobook version include selections from her mystery, history and romance series and 2 short story collections beginning with “Going There,” Tales from the Riviera and Beyond 7 short stories of various genres set within the memoir of a memorable travel experience.

The complete Elizabeth and Richard Literary Suspense series is available in audio. In “A Jane Austen Encounter” a second honeymoon visit to Jane Austen’s homes turns deadly; and “A Most Singular Venture” finds a murderer cloaked in the gentility of Jane Austen’s London. Other literary encounters are Rudyard Kipling in “The Flame Ignites,” Dorothy L Sayers in “The Shadow of Reality,” and William Shakespeare in “A Midsummer Eve’s Nightmare.”Titles available from The Monastery Murders are: “A Very Private Grave” (an itinerary of terror across a holy terrain during Lent), “A Darkly Hidden Truth” (ancient puzzles and modern murder at Easter), “A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary” (murder lurks in the shadows of Oxford’s hallowed shrines at Halloween), and “An All-Consuming Fire” (a Christmas wedding in a monastery—if the bride can escape the murderer lurking on the Yorkshire moors).

The Lord Danvers Investigates Victorian true-crime series offers “A Most Inconvenient Death” which involve Danvers in the brutal Stanfield Hall murders, and “A Lethal Spectre,” setting a glittering London season against the horrors of an Indian mutiny.

From the Where There is Love series we have “Where Love Triumphs,” the story of a lame Cambridge scholar who learns life-changing lessons about love, and “Where Love Shines” a lieutenant blinded in the Charge of the Light Brigade encounters love from one of Flornce Nightengale’s nurses.

The Celtic Cross Series brings Scottish and Irish history alive through historic people: “The Refiner of the Realm” (Queen Margaret), “The Planting of Ulster” (Lady Montgomery), “The Strife of Ascendancy” (King Billy), “The Hammering of the Inhabitancy” (Oliver Cromwell), “The Shaping of the Union” (Wolfe Tone), and “The Dawning of Peace” (Lady Gregory).

Family saga trilogy The Daughters of Courage recounts Idaho’s history in 3 volumes: “Kathryn” (Idaho pioneers), “Elizabeth” (the Great Depression and World War II), and “Stephanie” (the turbulent days of the 1970s).

“A Lighted Lamp,” Scenes of Christmas Through Time, offers short stories ranging from Scotland a thousand years ago through Regency festivities and American pioneers, to modern England.

The full text of the post is available at All the new audiobooks are available at Amazon.

Donna Fletcher Crow is the author of 50 books, mostly novels of British history. She has taken a number of high-level industry awards for her work. Many of her books have been bestsellers in their categories, including ‘A Most Inconvenient Death’, which achieved #1 bestseller status in Christian Suspense. ‘The Fields of Bannockburn’, the epic from which The Celtic Cross Series, Part I: Scotland, The Struggle for a Nation is based, was listed as Fiction Bestseller by Christian Book Distributors and ‘The Banks of the Boyne’, the epic from which The Celtic Cross Series, Part II: Ireland, The Pursuit of Peace is based, hit #3 Best-Selling Fiction.

Her latest release is, ‘Going There,’ Tales from the Riviera and Beyond. In the summer of 2021 amidst a world-wide pandemic, Donna, her daughter-in-law, and granddaughter managed to slip through a narrow window of calm for a remarkable journey to France and Switzerland. And much to Donna’s surprise and delight, she was accompanied on the undertaking by characters from her mystery series—who had adventures of their own. This book, scheduled to be available December 1, 2023, is an account of a memorable travel experience in the real world and the fictional. It takes the reader to places physical and imaginary.

The 10-volume Celtic Cross series covers the history of Scotland and Ireland. The leading historic figures of the day interact with fictional characters to bring the stirring events alive. Each epoch is tied to the series with the on-going events in the lives of modern young people as old wars and current conflicts keep them striving to find answers that provide hope for the future. The series is comprised of 10 novels. ‘The Keeper of the Stone,’ book 1 in the series was #1 on Amazon for Historical Scottish fiction.

The Daughters of Courage, ‘Kathryn’, ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Stephanie’ is a pioneer family saga based on the stories of Crow’s own family and other Idaho pioneers in the Kuna, Nampa and Boise area.

‘Glastonbury’ is her best-known book, which received the prestigious First Place, Historical Novel, award from the National Federation of Press Women. Readers and reviewers have raved about ‘Glastonbury’, calling it “The best of its kind,” “richly fascinating,” “beautifully researched,” “gloriously evocative,” and “panoramic.” One Amazon reader said, “WHAT a work! Every reader can be enveloped in the sheer scope and quality, every historian be constantly nodding at the precise detail and accuracy, and every Christian can rejoice in the fullness of scripture. For me it is simply beyond descriptive praise. I would urge all who value truth to treat themselves to a feast.”

The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries is a literary suspense series using literary figures as background: Rudyard Kipling in ‘The Flame Ignites’, Dorothy L Sayers in ‘The Shadow of Reality’, Shakespeare in ‘A Midsummer Eve’s Nightmare’, and Jane Austen in both ‘A Jane Austen Encounter’ and ‘A Most Singular Venture’. Watch for ‘A Prodigious Sum of Corpses: Seeking Sanditon at Jane Austen’s Seashore’, which will take readers to all of Austen’s favorite seashore resorts. Accounts of Crow’s visits to these sites are available on her blog under the heading “Jane Austen Seashore Tour.”

The Monastery Murders Series features atmospheric contemporary crimes with their roots buried deep in the middle ages. Books in the series include ‘A Very Private Grave’, ‘A Darkly Hidden Truth’, ‘An Unholy Communion’, ‘A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary’, ‘An All-Consuming Fire’ and the newly-released ‘Against All Fierce Hostility.’

Where There is Love is a 6-book series of the enduring legacy of love and faith all based on historic people and events. The titles are: ‘Where Love Begins’, ‘Where Love Illumines’, ‘Where Love Triumphs’, ‘Where Love Restores’, ‘Where Love Shines’, and ‘Where Love Calls’.

The Lord Danvers Victorian true-crime series is an Amazon bestseller in the British Detectives category. Books in the series include ‘A Lethal Spectre’, ‘A Most Inconvenient Death’, ‘Grave Matters’, ‘To Dust You Shall Return’ and ‘A Tincture of Murder’. Donna provides a no-charge download of ‘A Tincture of Murder’ for those who sign up for her newsletter. More information is available at her website.

Donna Fletcher Crow’s awards include:

The Dawning Of Peace, of Dreamers and Designers, Book Excellence Award 2023
Where Love Begins, Best Historical Romance, Pinnacle Awards 2019
A Lethal Spectre, Best Mystery, Pinnacle Awards, 2019
Glastonbury, First Place, Historical Fiction, National Federation of Press Women Award of Merit
The Banks of the Boyne, Silver Angel; First Place Historical Fiction, National Federation Press Women
The Fields of Bannockburn, First Place Historical Fiction, National Federation Press Women
Professional Achievement Award, Northwest Nazarene College
Juvenile Books Award of Merit, Idaho Press Women
Top Idaho Author
Pacesetter Award, Mt. Hermon Writers Conference
Outstanding Historical Fiction, Idaho Press Women, National Federation of Press Women,
Idaho Writer of the Year
Best Inspirational Novel, Finalist Romance Writers of America
Writer of the Year, Mt. Hermon Writers Conference

Donna is available for media interviews and can be reached by email at [email protected]. All of her books are available at online book retailers. More information, including a no-charge download of ‘A Tincture of Murder’, is available at her website at

About Donna Fletcher Crow:

Donna and her husband live in Boise, Idaho. They have 4 adult children and 15 grandchildren living on 3 continents. Donna is a former English literature teacher and lifelong Anglophile. Idahoans with long memories will remember her as a former Queen of the Snake River Stampede, Miss Rodeo Idaho and runner-up for Miss Rodeo America. She is an enthusiastic gardener.

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