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SAN DIEGO, CA, January 25, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the world today, there are more mobile phone subscribers than people. Though mobile phones have advanced communications, they are also the chief cause of distracted driving and walking accidents, and “phone addiction,” that has engendered a global, public safety, and health crisis.

The Automobile Safety Foundation, leader in driving safety research and development since 1988, has international lifesaving research and IP at,, and now presents this special, urgent, news report.

The NHTSA calls distracted driving a “deadly epidemic.” Pedestrian accidents and fatalities have been rising sharply over the last several years.

Elon Musk quipped on a TV interview, “people. are addicted to AI…their smartphones.” Many people are in a fog, staring at their smartphone screens, researching, watching videos, or engaging in texting, while walking, or even driving, and in consequence, are walking off cliffs, falling into manholes, and causing car accidents etc. This “smartphone” news is such a shocker, it could almost serve as yarn for a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie starring an evil AI villain. The plot centers on the AI machination. Covertly, and mischievously, enlisting the most popular device of all time, the smartphone, that with its portability and many uses, slowly but surely, begins to seduce, and then traduce the human, with the covert, phone addiction, secret weapon. Daily trained, and conditioned, to be habitually staring at their little mobile phone screen, the human is easily primed to be vulnerable. Then, one day, sure enough, and without warning, while casually in motion, the unwary victim, starring, at the phone screen, in a hypnotic stupor, when out of nowhere… comes the sudden injurious or fatal attack!

The distracted driving and walking crisis pose an imminent, worldwide threat to the safety of children, families, employees, and everyone 24/7! Folks don’t know it, but this may be WW III…man vs. machine, and for the wellbeing of man, the evil AI villain must be vanquished, and human safety restored. Clearly… it’s time for a wakeup call.

At the turn of the century, with the advent of the mobile phone, ASF began researching, and addressing distracted driving. Once establishing the road concentration criteria, Eyes on the Road – Hands on the Wheel, this research became focused on other distractions prerogatives. What first came onto the radar was, “Enter your 16-digit ATM card number,” bank public phone lines. See,

People on the go, soon discover, it doesn’t take 16 digits prompt requests to cause an accident, as only one text request causes dangerous distraction that can sink the Titanic.

People can walk and talk, cook and talk, and drive and talk, but eyesight is singular, and when in motion, one has to, “watch where you’re going.” Realizing the need to globally modernize business and government public telecom, ASF introduced, Safe Call, IP, and has campaigned for many years to address the need of banks, business, and government to upgrade their public telecom (e.g. 800 numbers) to twenty-first century voice technology. In 2016 ASF achieved its first success, convincing Capital One Bank to implement the Safe Call upgrade, following this up with US Bank and Charles Schwab, Safe Call upgrade last year. Currently, there is quite a list of companies utilizing voice technology, some examples are, Amtrak, most major airlines, big insurance companies, T-Mobile, and PNC Bank, but, despite the fact that the Safe Call lifesaving, remedial, is an inexpensive telecom program upgrade (if initiated by ASF, a fair research standard compensation required) altogether, worldwide, these companies only comprise about ten to twenty percent of businesses with public phone lines voice technology, and  due to the huge numbers requiring the Safe Call upgrade, the challenge remains daunting,

It is also important to point out, it is not just is not just the private sector that needs to modernize their public telecom, but also the federal and state government public phone lines demand the same, as it is rare to find any that use voice technologies. Here is one case and point: Over a year ago, ASF research discovered that the IRS main 800 number has voice technology but found that it is buried behind a text message request, “To continue in English press one.” Research discovered that if a caller doesn’t enter the first prompt, then the AI comes back with the option to, “enter or say” (should be “say or enter”). ASF alerted the IRS, to avoid causing accidents, that there is an urgent requirement, to move the voice technology option to the forefront, at the start of their greeting. Today, at the start of 2024, ASF still awaits this IRS telecom remedial. The FCC, with “Communication” for their middle name, were alerted by ASF last year the requirement for public safety, to update their now hazardous, early 70’s public telecom, capable of causing prompt request, distraction accidents, to Safe Call IP voice technology. ASF has requested FCC regulation, for all governments and businesses to do the same, including the OCC, that also has the dangerous and outdated public telecom, again, requiring updating along with new bank telecom regulations for the same. Safety first. Indeed, modernization of public telecom is also a homeland safety and security issue. The time has come, and is way overdue, for all US state and federal government departments, agencies, and businesses, to update their public telecom to 21st century Safe Call voice technology standard, not only here in the United States, but worldwide.

Along with mobile phone use presenting a safety crisis, phone addiction, is also a major world health issue, particularly deleterious to children in their formative years, watch,

“Necessity is the mother of invention”. To address the driving, walking, and phone addiction crisis, and realizing, that vast majority of business telecom in the United States, and worldwide, require the Safe Call voice technology upgrade, it became apparent that alternative innovation would be necessary, and with the advent of voice technologies that can eliminate a phone screen, and be commanded to push prompts on a call, ASF introduced the new smarter, and safer, Safe Call-Earphone, that totally operates with voice technology, see, Phone Addiction Wake Up Call – New Smarter Phone Answer. Containing only a fraction of the parts in the regular smartphone, it can be manufactured for a fraction of the price. Safe Call-Earphone is also an aid the blind, disabled, and those with low income, as well as being a substitute, or companion, to the regular smartphone, for children and those on the go. The Safe Call-Earphone has been introduced to the FCC for government distribution.

Since those involved in accidents may be injured, panicked, or unable to make a call texting a number, Safe Call-Earphone with voice technology can come to the rescue, with the verbal command, “Call 911!”  Though many smartphones, for example iPhone equipped with, “Siri,” can enact a voice command to, “call 911,” the however, the vast majority of the public has not been educated about this feature, and this therefore requires 911 call, public awareness campaign by the 911 agencies, that also should back the production of the Safe Call- Earphone, that users, will already know, they can easily call any number, including 911.

ASF continues to encourage the US government including FCC, IRS, Department of Homeland Safety as well as, state governments and more recently ITU, GSMA and all so called “AI safety organizations” to demonstrate their concerns for public safety by recognizing the smartphone crisis and aid the simple and inexpensive modernization of government and business public telecom (800 etc.) necessary to address these urgent, 21st century, public safety, health, and security matters.

Following Safe Call-Earphone patent pending, ASF has begun the non-provisional patent filing, and seeks an IP broker for licensing of the new Safe Call-EarPhone invention. On the road we all co-pilot. ASF welcomes the participation and contributions of all those that can help aid this urgent international public safety and health effort. Please contact ASF at, [email protected]

ASF, a non profit organization, is the ldeader in drivinfg safety reseearch and development since 1988, and has international life saving news and IP at

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