A technology leader warned that New Zealand should be smarter with the adoption of advanced technologies or high risk respecting Kiwi lifestyle.

Rachel Kelly, director SparkTank for business growth, recently participated in the world famous IBM Watson event in Las Vegas where he saw some of the technological advances lead of other countries to succeed and put New Zealand at risk of being fired.

New Zealand lifestyle admired throughout the world, but Kelly said that to be competitive and relevant global Kiwi who has lost an incredible lifestyle or work much smarter. Fortunately, technology can help to allow the latter, he said.

For a country that is relatively small and agile, I think that New Zealand has underperformed in adopting some forms of modern technology, part of which comes from our cultural aversion to risk, let us go to failure, not grow.

The application of advanced technology by New Zealand longer than the countries most progressive such as Switzerland and Sweden, which ranked first and second in the Global Innovation Index, while NZ is ranked 17th.

We need to cultivate the idea that professional collaboration and the use of smart tools to improve the way of life Kiwi we all know and love. If New Zealand is not aware of this, there is no way we can compete with the market. They work more hours than we do with sacrifice and unity of the family.

Kelly said there are positive steps in the Waikato region where a collaborative approach between industry, community and local government is the driving force behind large-scale operations that help improve parking, traffic, public transportation, housing and community participation.

He said SparkTank wanted to see the Waikato region paved the way for the application of this technology in a smart city on a large scale. This area offers one of the best lifestyles in the country – to maintain and grow on the world stage, we have to work smarter than other cities. We also need a different leader to improve, using the latest technology as a tool to craft a secure path for their business.

Kelly was appointed as Vice President NZTech in October and is dedicated to expanding the successful collaborative approach and collaboration of Waikato in New Zealand.

He said that business and society must work together and make better use of technology to ensure economic development and high commercial health throughout New Zealand.

We must take immediate action to integrate the great ingenuity and resources of the Kiwi public and private sectors to NZ we can compete on a global scale.

The devastating earthquake this week highlights why the Kiwis must work together. We are very isolated and have a lot straddle on particular types of exports. Our society remains high in times of difficulty and our country to survive economically. We must use the knowledge and skills in all areas.

Kelly said it was nice to see the government create a working group in the industry to address the critical technological challenges, such as cyber security training team recently announced. He recommended follow-up with a national technology group to support the implementation of the technology.

I recommend a dedicated group of technology consultants is funded by government and private organizations, where advisors from each of the big city to work with the Ministry of SOEs Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and NZ Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) to give more exposure to technology aggressively and implementation strategy for New Zealand.

It is important to ensure that all our people on board with the technological advances we have made in New Zealand and overseas the process of acquiring.