100% of Recovered Plastics to be Recycled

NAIROBI, KENYA, December 06, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nairobi, Kenya Slum Going Green and Clean (SGGC), CBO Kenya, announced today the success of the Nairobi River clean-up project and the plans for expansion.

“Our river clean-up effort has had an immediate benefit.” says Gisore Nyabuti founder of Slums Going Green and Clean “Removing the trash and paying a living wage to the workers, it has incorporated our No Trash Buried, Burned or Dumped policy. The landfill dumps are not the best way to remove plastics from Nairobi. Our program reuses or recycles 100% of trash from the river. Nothing is taken to the dump, and nothing is burned.”

The SGGC Save A River program sorts all waste, composts the organics, and recycles the plastic drink bottles. The rest is shredded and used in either new plastic structural panels or added to concrete bricks to replace some of the sand.

“We collect more than a ton of plastics daily. Taking it to the dump is cost prohibitive and burning is unacceptable due to the toxic fumes and greenhouse gasses released.”

SGGC Save a River program is a lasting solution for keeping our rivers clean.
All trash collected is reused or recycled. None is burned, buried, or dumped.
Individuals from Kibera are hired and serve as River Guardians for a 200-meter-long stretch and are responsible for keeping the river, as well as 15 meters up both river banks, clean.
All the trash is processed in Kibera by residents to nearly eliminate transportation costs.
The trash leaves Kibera with an increase in value via compost, panels or bricks to offset program costs.

Can you help us reach our goal by the end of 2023?
15 Kibera residents employed as River Guardians
3 kilometers of the Nairobi River inspected and cleaned daily
6 tons of garbage collected and processed daily

Please consider contributing $20 a month on Patreon, which pays a Kibera resident to clean and revitalize 40 meters of the river daily

Or if you want to make a one-time contribution on Gofundme
$100 will remove 1½ tons of garbage
$500 will pay for half of a plastic shredder or half of a plastic panel press.

For inquiries please contact us at [email protected]

Who is Slums Going Green and Clean?

SGGC is a community based organization helping to engage the community in matters to address climate change, waste management and awareness creation in the Kibera section of Nairobi.

Phone: +254 791 163211
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.facebook.com/sggckenya/
Instagram: @sggc_kenya

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