PepperBall® proudly features its latest innovations in non-lethal response tools at SHOT Show 2024 – the PepperBall BLAST™ and its advanced variation, the BLAST-GB™ with a glass-breaking tip.

LAKE FOREST, IL, January 23, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — PepperBall® proudly announces features its latest innovations in non-lethal response tools – the PepperBall BLAST™ and its advanced variation, the BLAST-GB™ with a glass-breaking tip. These breakthrough products offer unparalleled advantages in close-range engagement and control, marking a significant leap forward in law enforcement and correctional capabilities. Both versions of the BLAST will be on display at the PepperBall SHOT Show booth 72205, Las Vegas, NV, Jan 23-26, 2024.

Unmatched Close-Range Effectiveness: PepperBall BLAST
Designed for close-range situations, the PepperBall BLAST sets a new standard for non-lethal response. Compact and easily carried in a holster on the vest or hip, or by its convenient clip, it’s a dependable option for officers requiring an immediate response solution. The one-handed operation of the BLAST is a game-changer, allowing officers to maintain a free hand for defense or to manage their environment, while simultaneously deploying a powerful burst of LIVE-X PAVA powder.

With an effective range of up to 10 feet, the BLAST is ideal for various scenarios, from daily patrol to cell extractions and CERT team operations. Powered by a 1.8g N2 cartridge, each reloadable BLAST delivers up to three projectiles worth of PAVA or inert powder, ensuring readiness in any situation.

Innovative Features for Optimal Performance
The BLAST™ incorporates state-of-the-art features:
• A glass-filled nylon body for durability.
• A convenient metal clip for easy carry.
• A quick flip safety ensuring secure handling.
• An effective range of up to 10 feet, ideal for close-quarter engagements.

Introducing the PepperBall BLAST-GB: Enhanced Glass-Breaking Option
Building on the foundation of the BLAST, the BLAST-GB introduces a crucial addition – a tungsten carbide glass-breaking tip. This additional feature enhances the tool’s utility in situations where breaking through glass barriers is essential, without compromising the non-lethal nature of the device.

Commitment to Non-Lethal Effectiveness
Both BLAST products are designed with the dual goal of maximizing effectiveness while minimizing the risk of serious injury. This commitment to non-lethal solutions aligns with the needs of modern law enforcement and corrections, providing tools that are both safe and effective for a range of scenarios.

For more information, please visit PepperBall at SHOT Show, Booth 72205, go to the official PepperBall website or contact Katherine Riley at [email protected] for media demonstration opportunities.

About PepperBall:
PepperBall saves lives. PepperBall is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-lethal law enforcement solutions that de-escalate confrontations, safely change behavior and ultimately save lives. For over two decades, PepperBall has been the trusted partner for law enforcement, correctional and military professionals worldwide. With over 20 million PepperBall projectiles deployed with zero fatalities, PepperBall stands behind each product with an industry-leading commitment to training and service.

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