This new feature gives companies the ability to quickly stay ahead of ever-changing market needs by changing the way they do research: get connected one time; engage for a lifetime.

SEATTLE, WA, December 07, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Upinion introduces integration with Facebook Messenger. The new feature comes as an enhancement to the research platform that focuses on facilitating market research through chat messaging. Previously Upinion enabled brands to have ongoing survey-type conversations with their customers, employees and stakeholders on the Upinion Messenger app only. This feature signals the company’s belief that mobile chat messaging is the future of market research.

Upinion seamlessly integrates questions into Facebook Messenger. It allows clients to invite anyone to a conversation right on their Facebook page; minimizing barriers to respondents and maximizing on Facebook followers. It includes easy brand customization, quick deployment with a multi-device interface and the power of analytics.

“There are more than 1.2 billion users on Facebook Messenger. It’s where people have conversations with friends and family on a daily basis. Chances are, this is where you will find undiscovered gems,” said Mo Ouass, co-founder of Upinion. “We saw this as an opportunity to help our clients get into the slipstream of their different audience groups lives engaging more naturally and effortlessly, looking for authentic insights to help with daily or longer term decision making. We believe that the Upinion Facebook Messenger integration, coupled with the Upinion research platform, will provide companies with a significant competitive advantage.”

Upinion chat message platform is transforming the way companies conduct any kind of research. Through the unique continual bi-directional conversational method Upinion vastly improves participation rates; research flexibility and agility; as well as reduces time to get research into market, and provides real time reports, ensuring companies can keep pace with market, employee or member changes. Founded in Amsterdam in 2013, Upinion now serves over 150 Clients worldwide and has offices in Europe, Middle East, USA and Africa.

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