Spoooon It (R) Search Engine continues to execute on its mission of empowering the user in a quantum-leap on how they access, share, use, store, and transfer (across mediums) all information.

ANCHORAGE, AK, February 07, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Spoooon It (R) Search Engine continues to execute on its mission of empowering the user in a quantum-leap on how they access, share, use, store, and transfer (across mediums) all information. Launched only a few years ago, the Spoooon It (R) Search Engine has made great strides amidst the ever changing place of technology, but has also encountered significant competitive actions/obstacles as the company attempts to grow.

Along the way Spoooon It (R) Search Engine has seen many obstacles from competitors, but we’ve also seen non-competitors create entirely new platforms, especially those involving ‘blockchain’ technology. Some of these new companies like SteemIt (no relationship to Spoooon It (R) Search Engine, having a pseudo mark of ‘Spoon It’), have created entirely new platforms for content creators. Additionally, many sites now accept bitcoin, ripple, and other cryptocurrencies for payment of their products and services (challenging the normal mindset and form of standard currencies).

In this ever changing world, Spoooon It (R) Search Engine has stayed true to its mission and description:

Spoooon It (R) Search Engine’s unique World Wide Web Indexing System and Search Engine allows users to optimally access and share information across various platforms and mediums.

While the Spoooon It (R) Search Engine has chosen to not incorporate cryptocurrencies (as a secondary payment method to its PayPal payment method) or incorporate those ‘alternative’ symbols into its menu described in that 2015 press release, we have executed on that plan of a ‘closed system approach’ provided by our CEO and Founder, Morgan Osborne, as sole party in Spoooon It(‘s) (R) Executive Advisory Committee.

Mr. Osborne recently remarked that “…in my individual capacity as inventor and product designer, I own all the intellectual property and as Licensor I license my trademarks, copyright, and technology to The PPP Product Company LLC, …whereas in my capacity as CEO of PPP, in which PPP is the licensee of these trademarks, copyright, and technology and which operates the Spoooon It (R) Search Engine website, I am charged with running a business that competes with the largest companies in the world…” from both perspectives, “it is only prudent that PPP run its business with a ‘closed system approach’ “.

So while the times are changing, and Spoooon It (R) Search Engine has brought about its own changes to the world, we stand by our mission and continue to build the search engine, the interdex, and visual domain names each and everyday.

Media inquires may be directed to Spoooon It(‘s) (R) contact page, at: http://spoooonit.com/search.php or, via the Interdex at Spoooon It (R) Search Engine’s visual domain name: “Yellow Circle, Green Circle, Blue Circle, Red Circle”

Nothing in this (or previous) press releases should be construed as any granting of any expressed or implied license by the company. The company reserves all rights where available by law. The company takes intellectual property rights very seriously, and will protect and enforce all available rights as provided by law. You are further advised that our use of the phrase “Our trademarks are registered. All rights reserved.” on social media and video sites is in no way a claim of literal ownership of those marks. Mr. Morgan Osborne is the owner of those trademarks. We the Company, here as operator of the Spoooon It (R) website, license those trademarks from Mr. Osborne. We specifically impart this message, and use the term “Our”, to signify to the viewer that the trademarks they are seeing are in fact registered trademarks. In this day and age of the internet, it is only prudent to remind our viewers that intellectual property should be respected at all times.

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