We have come up with the top rehabs clinics in Nevada for yourself or someone you love, this will guide you on how to choose the best rehab on both drug and alcohol addiction treatment, this centers can help anyone get off of drugs, regardless of whether the addiction is to Laudanum, Dilaudid, Alcohol or any other illicit or doctor-prescribed medication.

The rehabs at Nevada provide their service to all clients 24/7 through their online and phone chat services and their organization is open all hours of the day.

All the rehab centers listed here passed through a lot of screening before making this list, things that we consider before choosing the clinics are overall experience, effectiveness and food and nutrition, after a lot of research, ranking and filtering the list, now present the 10 best rehabs in Nevada.

1. Alliance Family Services, Inc.

The Alliance Family services are one of the best rehabs in Nevada they are “dedicated to providing services of the highest quality”

This rehab center bases their treatment on the adolescents and adults only. The Alliance Family service is one of the top-rated rehabs because of the things they provide alongside their treatment.

  • Areas of specialization
  • Intensive service,
  • Outpatient services,
  • Evaluations
  • Individual sessions,

2. Freedom House Sober Living

Are you done with your primary treatment of your addiction? Do you need a rehab, with the standard facility where you or your loved ones can live as to get you ready to return to your former environments?

Then the perfects rehab you need is the Freedom House Sober Living, they provide, monitoring and support through a 12 step program; residents can expect a clean and safe environment as long as they follow house rules and they do kick against the use of the drug in the house

3. A Better Today Recovery Services

This rehab treats their clients different from all other rehabs, they allow their clients to participate in different varieties of therapies like music and art therapy, strength and yoga therapy, equine therapy and more traditional therapies like group and family therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.

A Better Today Recovery makes their service available in the primary addiction treatment and also secondary treatment

4. The Treatment Center

If you are looking for a rehab with high reputation then i will seek you to choose the treatment center because they have collected more than one awards in their line of service of drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility offering drug and alcohol addiction detox, treatment and dual diagnosis.. They are fully accredited, and their employees are board-certified professionals. For those who want or need help right away, the center offers 24/7 live chat online and texting.

5. ABC Therapy, Henderson

When you hear a rehab with the slogan “change starts here.” then you should have in mind that, it is ABC Therapy, Henderson.

This rehab provides the best counseling and psychotherapy to all their patients also they specialize in substance abuse among several other behavioral and psychological disorders.

The team of ABC Therapy, Henderson includes,

  • Clinical social workers,
  • Licensed drug and
  • Alcohol abuse counselors
  • Domestic violence counselors.
  • Private/Secluded
  • Luxury
  • Residential Neighborhood
  • Desert

6. Solutions Recovery

The solution recovery center is one of the best rehabs you can seek treatment for an addiction, it is operated by American Addiction Centers (AAC). They make use of holistic approach and treatment plan that has been customized to meet patients’ needs, during the stay of the clients, they enjoy the comfort of a residence in upscale homes that are amply furnished and provide a warm environment for healing.

Solution recovery center make use of different unique way to solve the addiction issues of their clients, they also instruct their clients to participate in a structured schedule featuring a minimum of 30 hours per week as part of their customized treatment plan of therapeutic activity, which includes individualized counseling, group counseling, holistic services, and interpersonal skills development.

The staffs and the treatment provider at Solutions Recovery are highly trained practitioners in their respective fields caring, experienced, and caring.

Facility Highlights

  • Daily Group Fitness Classes
  • Interactive Cooking Classes
  • Weekly Sober BBQs
  • Daily 12-Step Meetings
  • Massage Services
  • Equine & Canine Assisted Treatment
  • Music Therapy

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