Your Key Secrets is excited to introduce and Google and Apple Downloadable Apps to the Online Dating Industry.

BROWARD COUNTY, FL, August 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — An instant way to find out more about your potential or existing online dating relationship. A mathematical algorithm developed using numerology and tarot sciences calculates readings based on the exact names at birth and birthdates of the individual or couple and are LGBTQ friendly in both English and Spanish. A DIY self-help way in avoiding the same mistakes over and over or strengthening a relationship the websites, social media, and Amazon eBooks offer a variety of ways to instantly find out more about yourself and your potential or existing relationship. There is a FREE destiny reading if you want to try it for yourself. Everything is DIY and readings are delivered, instantly online. Are They the One Apps at the Google and Apple App stores?

Your Key Secrets is excited to introduce to the Online Dating industry. An instant way to find out more about your potential or existing online dating relationship – (10+ pages – only $2.99). Individual readings are also available with 2 years timing every 4 months as a bonus at (10+ pages – only $9.95). is a Spanish site. and apps. Also Offers the Spanish version. What might take days, weeks, months, or years to find out more.

About yourself or your partner can now be available in Ebook format instantly and apps offer a compatibility chart and “6” personalities of each partner personalized so that the names appear throughout the reading similar to the “Personalized children’s books” but for couples. Individual readings also provide a Personality Analysis, Six natural numbers – spirit, projection, communication, motivation, and emotion.

There are the most significant traits listed as well as two (2) years of timing information every 4 months back from your last birthday moving ahead. To help in making decisions. Full compatibility readings are also available that provide two individual readings plus the compatibility chart and “36” explanations on how you may get along together – (20+ pages only $14.95). An instant copy is delivered at the time of order and a copy is automatically emailed to be read, printed, forwarded, and given as a gift for all readings worldwide. All readings have a glossary of terms at the end of each reading to help in understanding the details. After each entry is a number that relates to the “78” tarot card number descriptions. There are 78 choices for each entry so it is impossible that any two readings to be the same with millions of combinations. To learn more about the online individual and compatibility services offered by YourKeySecrets Inc. DIY services.

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