TSR News Group has chosen to promote Barbara Taber’s unique success story as its Platinum Finale news article for 2019. Few would disagree that Dr. Taber’s work, experience, and personality puts her in a class all her own.

NEW YORK, NY, December 13, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — For many people retirement can be a pretty mundane and predictable affair. Barbara Taber, Ed.D. is not one of these people. In fact, much like she did when she was fully active in her Virginia school district, she just can’t seem to stop achieving. After her former colleagues all but dragged her back into the fold, Dr. Taber began substitute teaching and helping out as needed. Following a stunning, new website and a vital online presence, she ultimately landed her own online series, Take It Or Leave It: Dr. Barbara Taber Speaks.

Known for her candor and outspokenness, Dr. Taber seems destined to have ended up with her own show, and the podumentary format is the perfect fit. Dr. Taber does not make light of her responsibility to her growing audience. She tackles some weighty topics, and Episode Two is perhaps the best example yet. In this second installment Dr. Taber discusses bullying, classroom violence, and more.

“Schools are not getting any safer, unfortunately,” says Barbara Taber, “And my experience means that I’m in a position to tell it like few others can, so I’m doing exactly that.”

Episode Two is debuting exclusively on the official website later this month, and the Take It Or Leave It team wants everyone to know about it. To that end, this installment is being promoted in larger-than-life fashion on the Nasdaq MarketSite billboard in Times Square, New York City. An eye-catching, original advertisement aims to capture the interest of those in Manhattan and elsewhere.

As of this writing, Dr. Taber is currently in New York with her loving husband and biggest supporter, Clark Taber, where the two are enjoying a classic “Christmas in New York” style getaway. How many people get to see their acclaimed online series serve as the graphic backdrop for such a picturesque experience? Correct answer: Not many.

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