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NEW YORK, NY, June 11, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Global social brand “JERRYWAY” is launching “Jerrycan Bag” this June on Kickstarter. These stylish pedestrian safety backpacks are paired with a donation campaign for African women and children.This will be JERRYWAY’s second Kickstarter donation project, after they successfully launched the Jerrycan Water Bottle last December.

The Jerrycan Water Bottle was made to help children who have to walk 3.7 miles every day, just to get the water they need to survive. But the children carrying their heavy containers of water over such long distances face great danger, due to the unsafe roads they had to walk on. Jerrycan Bag is a versatile 2-in-1 backpack and tote bag, designed for both children in Africa, and for us in our everyday lives.

It’s not just children who need to be weary of unsafe roads. We are all exposed to potential accidents every single day. That’s why Jerrycan Bag features street signs and reflectors on the front and sides of the bag, so drivers will easily be able to see it – and you – in the dark.

Jerrycan Bag is made from light but sturdy tarp. This material helps ease the burden felt by African children when they’re carrying water. Plus, the bag is even 100% water proof. And unlike PVC, tarp is recyclable, which makes Jerrycan Bag better for the environment, too.

Jerrycan Bags donated to Ugandan children are completely handmade from materials sourced in Africa. Not only does this help out the local economy, but the Jerrybag Uganda Studio also creates a place for Ugandan women to work.

Kickstarter rewards for this project come in sets of 2 – one bag for you, and one bag for a child in Africa. The tag-line “Pledge & Save” reflects the donation aspect of the campaign.

Jerrycan Bag launches this June on Kickstarter, where you can find it at a special discount. You can find out more information by visiting the Jerrycan Bag Kickstarter page.

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