A brand new exciting upper back pain specialty practice is slated to open in the USA. This much needed specialty practice is scheduled to start seeing patients in January 2019.

OLD BROOKVILLE, NY, January 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — A brand new exciting upper back pain specialty practice is slated to open in the USA. This much needed specialty practice is scheduled to start seeing patients in January 2019.

Thanks to this new specialty practice upper back pain sufferers can finally have hope, even if they’ve sought out the top doctors and specialists that money can buy. Sufferers can rejoice is because the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief offers a highly effective solution for what ails them.

The Center for Upper Back Pain Relief northeastern practice location will open in Old Brookville, New York. The center is just a short 20-minute trip from Northwell Hospital in Lake Success. Upper back pain sufferers who don’t live in the local Long Island area can easily fly into John F. Kennedy International airport and drive 40-minutes trip to the center.

The Center for Upper Back Pain Relief is the very first of its kind to exclusively offer a special patent-pending treatment called the TrapEAZE Technique®. The revolutionary TrapEAZE Technique® is a 4-step upper back pain treatment system that treats the upper back systematically in stages. This highly organized approach chronic pain is a far cry from the typical haphazard way that upper back pain has commonly been treated up until now.

The secret to the TrapEAZE Technique’s success is that the upper most layers of muscles are treated first with therapeutic pressure and then treatment only moves deeper once the patient is ready for it. Therefore, the TrapEAZE Technique® offers patient’s a distinct advantage versus commonplace techniques.

Until now, upper back pain has normally treated with non-specific treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage. These generalized treatments all respectively approach the body the same regardless of the area being treated.

Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC, The Center for Upper Back Pain’s medical director had this to say about it, “This is a brand new concept in healthcare that’s never been available before. Until now, no doctor has ever opened up an upper back pain specialty practice. It’s an exciting development in medicine because until now patients with upper back pain didn’t have any special facility that they can go to that was created just for them.

Americans who suffer from upper back pain now finally have a destination to go to for those who desperately need it. It will be deeply gratifying to open up such a practice because of how badly a highly effective treatment is desperately needed.

It will be terrific to give patients the exact treatment that they need to keep them out of pain. The bottom line is that upper back pain sufferers need real results and the TrapEAZE Technique® happens to offer exceptional results as evidenced by our video testimonials which can be found on our www.UpperBackRelief.com website.

The Center for Upper Back Pain Relief is highly distinctive because it offers patient’s personalized consultation’s that utilize the medical industry’s most thorough upper back examination. Before anyone can become a patient it first must be determined if they are a TrapEAZE Technique® candidate. In the event someone is not a candidate they will be referred out to an appropriate medical profession who is better suited to treat them.

We warmly welcome all upper back pain sufferers to visit us, even those with the most severe chronic pain and especially those whose doctors want them to take life-threatening opioids to deal with the pain. If someone has been told by their doctors that their case is ‘impossible’ to treat than I especially want to see them. If a patient believes that their upper back pain is caused by disc problems like herniation’s or bulges than they need to see me. If someone has a chronic case of upper back pain that’s lasted 20 to 30 years or even longer than that’s definitely someone that I want to treat.”

To discover more about the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief go to www.UpperBackRelief.com

The Center For Upper Back Pain Relief is accepting new patients today. We provide world-class care by a caring specialist who wants you to live pain free.

Our unique specialty practice is the first in the nation to specialize in treating upper back pain. We proudly utilize the only upper back specific treatment in existence, the breakthrough TrapEAZE Technique®.

The patent-pending TrapEAZE Technique® is a 4-step procedure that treats the root of upper back pain itself. In development for over 10-years, it’s been tested and perfected in high volume pain clinics with scores of patients who have been injured in car accidents or were injured at work.

The medical director for the Center For Upper Back Pain is Florida based Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC. With 20 plus years of experience in healthcare and as the pioneer of the TrapEAZE Technique®, Dr. Mandel is passionate about eliminating his patient’s upper back pain.

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