Bisexual people are facing injustice and they are feeling embarrassed and shamed.

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 31, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Even though we live in a modern world, some people are still often shamed for their sexual orientation. It was recently discovered in a study conducted in the USA that bisexual women were twice as likely to get addicted to opioids as heterosexual women. And LGBT students and individuals are more at risk of suicide than students with other sexual orientation.

“I think the primary reason why bisexual women may be at greater risk for abusing prescription opioids is exposure to unique forms of bisexual-specific prejudice and discrimination that create stress,” said Dr. Sabra Katz-wise, an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical Center.

Individuals with bisexual inclinations or with bi-curious sexual orientation often go through depression and find themselves alienated from society because of the shame associated with their orientation. They often suffer alone and the suicide rates are just a grim reminder that we are still living in a world where we find shame and guilt where acceptance and appreciation should reside.

Why these bisexual people are more likely to get depression and alienation?

These bisexual people are always told that bisexuality isn’t a legitimate orientation. And both gay and straight people believe the stereotypes about bisexuals. Identity and acceptance can seem like a hard task for people with bisexual or bi-curious inclinations.

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