Christmas is the one time of the year where everyone let’s go, however, when you go through a full month of festivities without thinking of the consequences your health will suffer significantly. Fortunately, there are a variety of small changes that

ORLANDO, FL, December 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The festive season is notorious for being the one time of the year where everyone let’s go. The Christmas parties seem to never end. However, when you go through an entire month of festivities without thinking of the consequences your health will suffer significantly. Fortunately, there are a variety of small changes that you can make to your daily life to ensure that you survive the holidays with your health intact. Visit Reviewy to find out more about how you can stay healthy, happy and fit during the holidays.

Keep moving
When it is cold outside and you have a fire roaring and hot chocolate on the stovetop it can seem impossible to get out and exercise. However, a small amount of exercise each day is essential for your health. Take a short walk after dinner to improve your body’s ability to digest a big meal.

Avoid those colds
Sadly, the festive season is also colds and flu season. Make sure you consume plenty of vitamin C over the holidays. This will keep your immune system strong and ready to fight. Additionally, make sure to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all time to beat those germs.

Drink smart
Everyone enjoys a drink or two at a Christmas party. However, be careful not to overdo it with the alcohol. Try to have a large glass of water after each alcoholic beverage. This will keep you hydrated and minimize the damaging effects that alcohol can have on your body.

Try not to stuff yourself
Turkey, mince pies, mashed potatoes, and brandy puddings. Christmas is one of the times of the year that everyone brings out the tasty food. However, you should take care not to eat too much over the holidays. Not only will you be grateful that you did not gain any weight, but you will also be more energized and readier to take on the new year.

Stop the stress
Stress can have a significant impact on only on your mental health but also on your physical health. When you stress your body releases cortisol which causes your body to go into a state of fight or flight. When your body is in this state it is highly unlikely that your immune system will be able to function correctly. Additionally, stress will leave you feeling tired and fatigued. Try to stay calm and enjoy the holidays.

Eat more fruit
Christmas is not a time that is well known for healthy eating. Try to balance out all the unhealthy meals you are eating by including at least three fruits into your diet on a daily basis. Not only does fruit provide your body with vital minerals and vitamins but they also keep you feeling full for longer. Additionally, a simple fruit salad is a great dessert option that is delicious but also healthy. Provided you are not eating a ton of ice-cream on top of your fruit salad.

Think about what you eat
It is not realistic to think that you will survive the entire festive season without indulging in a few treats. However, try to be mindful about what you are putting into your body. Before you eat that gooey brownie think about whether you really want it or whether you are only going to eat it because it is there.

Use your brain
When the holidays roll around it may seem that there are endless television shows and movies that you can spend all day watching. However, make a conscious decision to step away from the television and do something that requires some brain power. Read a novel or challenge a family member to a game of scrabble.

Focus on food hygiene
A large number of people suffer from food poisoning over the festive season. Make sure to wash your hands before cooking, throw out any food that has been sitting out on the counter, and make sure to defrost your meat in the refrigerator.

Eat before a party
If you have been invited to a big Christmas party, try to eat a healthy meal before you go out. This means that you will already be satisfied when you get there and less likely to overindulge in all the party snacks.

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