Book Shows Trials and Challenges Faced by Jesus and His Followers as Seen Through the Eyes of a Samaritan Boy

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 16, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Young Samaritan (ISBN 9 798350 931105, Book Baby, 2024) by first time author, J. Schuyler Sprowles has been released for worldwide distribution. This intricately woven and well-crafted tale tells the story of Jesus and His followers as seen through the eyes of a Samaritan boy, Joshua. The book is ideal for readers of all ages and is especially poignant and timely as Christians celebrate the Lenten season. Yet the story is so finely crafted that non-Christians will also be fascinated by the characters and storylines that keep readers riveted to the last page. The Young Samaritan is available in both Kindle and paperback editions.

“Writing this book has been a labor of love,” said J. Schuyler Sprowles, author of The Young Samaritan. “As a student of religion and theology, I have always had a strong interest in historical Jesus and what life must have been like in the time of Christ. One mention in the gospels that has always intrigued me is the unidentified “lad” who flees naked in the Garden of Gethsemane after being restrained by the Temple guards who arrested Jesus. This account is only told in the Gospel of Mark 14:51-52.

“For years, I wondered who this boy was and how he came to be present at the arrest of Jesus,” continued Sprowles. “After imagining many possible back stories for this boy, I embraced The Young Samaritan.

“I hope readers leave with a greater understanding of Jesus, the struggles faced by His followers, and the times in which this all happened,” concluded Sprowles. “But even if a reader is a non-believer, the story itself is designed to be quality historical fiction with a theme that is universal – the search for truth and meaning.”

The Young Samaritan is set in ancient Samaria, Jerusalem, Galilee, and other villages during the time of Christ. Joshua, a Samaritan, lives with his loving mother, three sisters and an abusive, drunken stepfather.

Soon after the reader is introduced to a stargazing Joshua resting on a hillside, he is forced to flee his home, fearing for his life at the hands of his stepfather. At his mother’s insistence, Joshua journeys to the spartan home of his reclusive and fearful uncle. Along the way, he encounters kind souls, a faithful canine companion, and ill-intentioned scoundrels. While living a meager existence with his uncle, Joshua meets a band of sojourners led by a man they call Rabbi. Many say he is the promised Messiah. Despite the best efforts of these men to leave Joshua behind, he ultimately persuades them to allow him to accompany them on their travels.

The ensuing adventure follows the trials and tribulations faced by the early followers of Jesus. We are presented a clear-eyed portrayal of Jesus as a gentle, loving, problem-solver, healer, and worker of miracles. All of this is viewed through the perspective of Joshua who is on his own journey of maturity, faith, and discovery.

A Chicago native, Schuyler as a teenager always dreamed of becoming a radio and TV talent. His aspirations led him to Hollywood where he trained as a broadcaster. He began his career as a country music DJ and news reporter in the Southwest. Ultimately, he became a TV news anchor in Dallas. In time, Schuyler moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a television news correspondent. This eventually led to a decades long high-profile career in crisis management, political consulting, and speech writing. Most recently, Schuyler turned to publishing, founding a family-oriented magazine in Southern California. A lifelong Christian, Schuyler admits to having walked away from his faith at times, only to discover Jesus waiting in the shadows to guide him back where he belongs.

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