It’s tongue n’ cheek rock n’ roll that pokes fun at all the cheesy breakup lines we’ve all heard.

VANCOUVER, BC, August 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rich Chambers has done it again with his latest release, “You’re a Nice Guy But…” It’s another energetic and polished guitar-driven rock n’ roll song that begs the comfortable familiarity of the classic rock era while at the same time giving us something refreshingly and excitingly new. Like so much of Chambers’ ever-increasing catalogue, “You’re a Nice Guy But…” is reminiscent of countless classic bands and artists such as the Beatles, Buddy Holly, Bruce Springsteen, the Clash, etc., but it also holds that signature and original Chambers vibe. It truly is Rock n’ Roll Reimagined!

Emerging from out of a true story, “You’re a Nice Guy But…” comes from a place of simple honesty and perspective. It organically arose from out of a relatively benign discussion at a band rehearsal one Sunday afternoon. Chambers explains:

“We had just finished a couple of warm up songs when the bass player asks the drummer about a date he had been on the night before. Jeff, the drummer, gets a sheepish look on his face and proceeds to tell us about an awesome date where he thought everything was going well until he went to drop her off and she said to him, ‘Jeff, you’re a nice guy but…,’ at which point Jeff stops his story. There is a moment of silence before we all start breaking into laugher. We knew exactly what she said after that ‘but.’ Inspired by the hilarity of the story and the camaraderie of the moment, ‘You’re a Nice Guy But…’ emerged. What a great time writing that song was!”

“Great time” is what this song is all about. It rocks and rolls like a Chambers original does, but it also makes one smile and laugh as it tells a story we all can relate to.

Chambers is currently on a roll. With over 500,000 total YouTube views for his videos and Spotify streaming that is clocking in at approximately 20,000 listeners a month and growing, he is an artist to watch for. As one music journalist recently said in the FLEX music blog about Chambers, who hails from Vancouver, British Columbia: “One of Canada’s best-kept secrets, Rich Chambers could easily become a household name in a matter of months!”

With bombastic guitars and a vocal style that oozes rock n’ roll, Rich Chambers is giving us something that rock n’ roll has not seen in quite some time—energy and fun. It’s Rock n’ Roll Reimagined.


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