Exposure Adds Tens of Millions of New Viewers

RUMSON, NJ, January 25, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Exciting news for streaming enthusiasts as the nationally syndicated work-life blend talk show TV show “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” takes a giant leap, expanding its distribution to the Tubi streaming network. Viewers can now enjoy the thought-provoking and dynamic content of “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” on any device they have.

About “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden”(http://www.liftoffcompany.com)
Hosted by the charismatic business and marketing expert Jeanniey Walden, “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” is a groundbreaking TV show that delves into the realms each of us face in our personal and professional lives including; financial and mental wellness, lifestyle, technology, and entrepreneurship. With insightful interviews and engaging discussions with over 150 guests including celebrities, entrepreneurs, business owners, operators and executives to date such as Jay Leno, Mandy Moore, Kevin O’Leary, Mitch Albom, Gabby Reece, Randi Zuckerberg, Jim Markham, the show provides viewers with tips, tricks and the secrets they need to know to create success at home and at work.

“This is a show that helps businesses and individuals to reach maximum success. There is no other talk show like this.” said Jeanniey Walden, the Liftoff show host and executive producer. “Whether you are looking for financial tips, a great new recipe, or how to grow your career or your company, this show is for you. As a life-long business and marketing expert I believe that everyone deserves a show filled with authentic, inspirational and relatable content (AIR™), and with our expansion onto Tubi, tens of millions of people will be able to enjoy advice and insights from the over 100 guests we have had on the show for free, wherever they go.”

“Given the overcrowded media landscape, sometimes it can be hard to know what content is trustworthy. With Liftoff, you know you are getting advice and insights directly from the experts.” said Cindy Garnick, Liftoff producer. “We strive to ensure that every person who watches ‘Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden’ will learn at least three things per episode that help them lead a happy and more successful life.”

Watch “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” on Tubi:
Experience the entertainment and excitement of “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” by streaming it for free on Tubi. Embark on a journey of success and get the scoop on cutting-edge developments across topics that can improve your life personally and professionally.

Be a Guest on “Liftoff”:
Do you have a story to share or unique insights that help drive success? “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” invites individuals with a passion for progress to be considered as guests on the show. If you believe you have a compelling perspective to offer, get in touch. Seize the opportunity to share your expertise with a national audience.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
“Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” also extends an invitation to potential sponsors looking to align their brand with innovation and success. If your brand shares the values of the show, explore sponsorship opportunities by reaching out https://share.hsforms.com/1cNzln62XSYKwsertAo5D0Ae99r1. Join us in supporting a show that captivates and inspires diverse audiences.

Join us in celebrating the expansion of “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” to the Tubi streaming network. Elevate your streaming experience and be a part of the journey towards a brighter, more informed future.

About “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden”:
Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” is a nationally syndicated work-life blend talk show that delves into the realms each of us face in our personal and professional lives including; financial and mental wellness, lifestyle, technology, and entrepreneurship.Hosted by business and marketing expert Jeanniey Walden, the show provides a platform for insightful discussions and thought-provoking interviews. Watch “Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” wherever you can!

“Liftoff with Jeanniey Walden” is currently available in the following locations:
Fridays on WTOG Tampa CBS owned-and-operated at 8:00am
Saturdays on KTXA Dallas CBS owned-and-operated at 10:30am and WLNY New York at 11:30am
Streaming on Tubi, Binge.tv, Roku, YouTube and AmazonFire TV

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