In the first show after the release of her new single, Villas, at Piano-bar, on the 30th of October, the singer Ladi Anne did not hesitate: even with technical problems in the sound system, she jumped on the counter and closed the show singing acapella, accompanied by a standing ovation. “I’m a sound engineer, I know that if the mic starts to fail during the show, it will most likely continue to fail through the whole show, unless someone takes time to replace it or re-wire.

So I knew my best bet was just to throw the mic away and sing acapella”- Says Ladi, 21, Brazilian, a powerful voice and, in fact, a very resourceful woman.

In addition to singing, she composes and does audio-visual creation. The versatility is only a point that calls attention in the curriculum of this multi-talented artist. Most surprisingly, however, is that unlike many artist, she actually takes time to do a lot of community and charity work.

Ladi Anne partnered up with organization Mindleaps, based in NYC, in order to help provide quality education to orphan children.