Emmy winning and Annie nominated Filmmaker Carolyn Gair has officially released her annual Holiday Stop-Motion Short.

THOUSAND OAKS, CA, December 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Emmy winning and Annie nominated Filmmaker Carolyn Gair has officially released her annual holiday stop-motion short. This year’s Christmas clip, entitled “The Third Cheese” is about a “hard boiled detective, hunting down a broken promise” in a classic film noir style.

Written in a somber tone with clever dialogue, the short, 3-minute clip captivates viewers and gives them a glimpse of Carolyn Gair’s quirky stop motion world. Kirk Wise, Director of Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, called it “Inventive, subversive, and chockfull of sardonic humor!” and went on to say it “Redefines the Anthropomorphic Dairy Products genre!”

Carolyn Gair has been active in the animation industry for over 30 years as the Head of Story, Development Director, Director, Story Artist, and Writer for major studios such as Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers and more. She is Director/Producer at Bowling4Rhinos Productions and has just finished the upcoming stop-motion feature RETURN TO KELLOGG. As part of her Christmas campaign, she is welcoming requests to network and connect via LinkedIn and through her website.

The full version of the Christmas feature “The Third Cheese” is now live on the Bowling4Rhinos Productions website. For more information about the stop-motion film or to connect with Carolyn Gair, visit www.bowling4rhinos.com/cheeseman.

Carolyn Gair has spent over three decades in the film and animation industry and has worked with all the major studios, including Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal and Paramount. Her legacy includes well-known animated projects such as Animaniacs, Tinkerbell, Angry Birds 2 and more.

For additional media inquiries and networking opportunities, contact:

Carolyn Gair
Owner, Bowling4Rhinos Productions
[email protected]

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