Yes, history rocks it in “Vintage Babes of Broadway: Through the 20th Century Lens of Murray Korman.” Enjoy pondering hundreds of vintage photographs of Broadway performers from the glamorous era from the late 1920s through 1961

NEW YORK, NY, July 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Vintage Babes of Broadway: Through the 20th Century Lens of Murray Korman unearths the beauty and lost photographic portfolio of Murray Korman. From the 1930s through his death in 1961, Korman photographed some of the most beloved celebrities of the era. Bob Hope. Anne Bancroft. Josephine Baker. Betty Grable. Loretta Young. Julie Newmar. And, many more, both known and unknown performers.

Murray Korman was wildly successful during his lifetime. As a teenager with innate artistic abilities, Korman began a career as a “Kewpie” doll artist and soon dropped out of school. With management skills, in addition to his artistic ability, soon there were twenty “daubers” working under him. Around 1926, Korman was hired to draw entire Broadway casts. During this timeframe, he discovered that he could photograph many more people than drawing them. Therefore, it wasn’t long until he turned in his chalk for a camera. Korman opened two studios in NYC, one was for Broadway aspirants and the other for NYC’s Café Society where he ran a successful business for nearly three decades. The 1950s proved to be difficult for his business and he died penniless in 1961.

Upon his death, there was no money to leave his heirs. His two nieces inherited his meager estate of cartons filled with large-format film negatives, haphazardly stored in manila envelopes. By that time, interest in Korman’s work had waned. The nieces whittled the massive portfolio down from thousands to six hundred of what they believed to be the best photographs in the collection. They were stashed away and sat on several closet shelves for five decades.

With the collection of negatives deteriorating, Clyde Adams, co-author and Curator for the Murray Korman photographic collection, diligently preserved the negatives by digitizing them for posterity. The work was long and arduous. But, Adams and co-author, Maureen McCabe, were so pleased to preserve these stunning photographs from such a glamorous era.

Vintage Babes of Broadway: Through the 20th Century Lens of Murray Korman should be a delightful discovery for people who love Broadway and New York City history. Readers can find more information about Murray Korman and also order the book online at

Meet Co-Authors: Clyde Adams and Maureen McCabe.
Work began nearly ten years ago on their book, Vintage Babes of Broadway: Through the 20th Century Lens of Murray Korman.

The story of and photographs produced by American publicity photographer, Murray Korman, in the late 1920s through his death in 1961 captivated both Clyde Adams and Maureen McCabe. Their vision was to create several books, websites, and they still dream of an exhibit in New York City some day where Murray Korman’s life story took place. The websites and book are available for your discovery. They still await a museum or gallery to take an interest in creating an exhibition where people can enjoy the artistry of Murray Korman.

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