If you have been hurt or injured due to the negligence of others, you probably have this question.

CHICAGO, IL, January 25, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — I have been practicing law for over 20 years, and the number one question people have when they call my office is – what is the value of my case? That makes sense to me because more so than anything else the reason why people are calling a lawyer is to know the answer to that question.

Now it’s frustrating because if somebody has just recently been involved in a situation where they need a personal injury lawyer, it is usually very difficult to speculate regarding the value of their case. There is a lot of medical treatment and other issues that need to be resolved before you can answer that question.

Generally speaking – the answer to that question is based on four factors:

1) Negligence – who’s fault was the collision, or the fall or whatever it was that caused somebody to be injured?

2) Importantly – did the other person have enough insurance to cover the case? I’ve had very sad situations were a widow will come in and her husband was involved in a fatal accident and the other driver has no insurance, or very low insurance – this effects the value of the case.

3) The injury – how seriously was somebody injured?

4) The location that the incidence occurred or the county that you live in plays a major roll in the value of your case.

Moving forward you need to hire an attorney that has the experience and understanding to know the value of your case and also the talent to maximize the value of your case. That is what you should be looking for in an attorney to handle your case. Experience and past results matter and so should your case!

If you have been hurt or injured, it is important to understand:

Do you have a case?
How much do personal injury lawyers charge?
What is my case or lawsuit worth?
What are the costs of filing a lawsuit?
Do I really need a personal injury attorney?
What are there statute of limitations on my rights?

Having an attorney experienced in handling injury and accident cases on your side from the beginning is the best way to ensure that you get treated and compensated fairly. Many people do not initially want to talk to an attorney because they feel there is too much litigation in society. Many of these same people have a different opinion when they realize that the other driver’s insurance company is treating them unfairly. This is likely a new experience for you. It is not a new experience for the other driver’s insurance company. The other insurance company is not trying to protect your interests.

Your lawyer should know what the value of your case is and guide you through every step of the process. You can learn more @ Palermo Law Group.

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