President of popular search engine optimization company in Utah had a landmark year, adding respected clients like the Utah Jazz, writing a book, and launching a podcast.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, December 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Since Damon Burton started his search engine optimization agency in 2007, he has become an esteemed voice in the SEO community. With last year as an especially productive one for the entrepreneur, Burton will head into 2019 with a number of prestigious new clients, including the Utah Jazz, a new book about SEO, and a podcast for entrepreneurs called “Learning from Others.”

Burton has helped many businesses, including Shark Tank-featured and Inc. 5000 companies, earn page-one Google rankings and drive up conversions. His newest clients include his favorite basketball team—the Utah Jazz.

“I’m from Utah and grew up going to Jazz games, so I am very excited to be associated with this powerful team,” said Damon Burton.

Burton also took on new technology companies like Ident Solutions and MobiChord, community care management solution provider Eccovia Solutions, legal powerhouse Tingey Injury Law Firm of Las Vegas, and many other world influencers.

In his experiences doing in-house consulting for corporations, Damon has seen a need for businesses to have a better understanding of search engine optimization. As a result, he wrote a book and launched an online course to educate business leaders about best SEO practices.

“In order to succeed in today’s digital world, businesses need to have an effective SEO strategy working for them, but many companies have no idea where to start,” said Damon Burton. “I decided to bring this information to entrepreneurs in an easily digestible format through my book and online course.”

Burton’s comprehensive and user-friendly book is called “Outrank.” It shares practical SEO tips that entrepreneurs can implement with ease to increase web traffic and conversions.

Burton’s online course complements the book in its goal of making SEO more accessible to business owners.

“Even entrepreneurs who have very limited experience with SEO can take the course and walk away with actionable ideas that they can implement right away to improve their web visibility,” said Burton.

And to cap off his very productive 2018, Burton also debuted a podcast for business owners known as “Learning from Others.” Burton draws on his seven years of experience working in on-air radio to conduct engaging interviews with leaders in a variety of industries. They share information to help entrepreneurs in all aspects of running and growing their businesses.

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