TALLINN, ESTONIA, December 31, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — ​Moniat is a special form of crypto currency tokens that resides on ETH blockchain and represent a utility and store of value. Moniat, which is also called MAT, is chosen by the underdevelopment decentralized social media application, Flashat, to be used as the only payment method for paying for the Flashat e-Albums for uploading and storing photos in a highly secured decentralized platform that protects the content from any copying unless authorized by the original owner.

Moniat is sold to investors for minimum quantities, not considering the traditional Tokens ICO and relaying on direct investments of creators, with enabling users to join and benefit from the account linking that generates extra MAT for holders, which gives an amazing opportunity for people to own additional Moniat. Moniat users and accounts holders can generate Moniat by chaining their accounts to new users, and accordingly generate or mine ten percent from the created Moniat by the new chained users. The principal Moniat (MAT) cannot be withdrawn because it makes the base monetary value for Moniat cryptocurrency, but the generated MAT can immediately be withdrawn and converted to ETH cryptocurrency then to traditional currency.

According to financial reports, an ERC2O token Moniat cryptocurrency has been launched. Like other utility tokens, it will serve as a medium of future payments as well as utilize blockchain technology in the development of new dApps. The crypto will use cryptography in securing financial transactions, eliminating additional audit creations and in the verification of assets transfer. Moniat crypto is focused on changing the trading philosophy and profit generation. Per the report, Moniat holders can link their MAT Dashboard Accounts to those of investors to accumulate 10% MAT profit up to five levels down.

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