We at Get removals Ltd. are happy to announce that we added 5 more new trucks that will be at our clients disposal.

LONDON, ENGLAND, January 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Get Removals Ltd., a fully insured removals company based in London, will expand its armada of moving vehicles this year. The company has already ordered 3 transit vans which will be delivered to its garage by the end of January 2018. Another 2 larger vehicles are set to be added to the firm’s fleet in February of the same year. All of the vans and trucks are brand-new and they were manufactured by one of the world’s leading cargo van vehicle producers.

The growing demand for fast removal services in London is the main reason behind Get Removals’ decision to further grow its fleet of professional moving vehicles. The company has seen a staggering rise in the number of bookings in the last two quarters of 2017. Given recent predictions that London’s moving industry will continue to thrive in the next few years, the firm has taken timely measures to fulfill the needs of its expanding customers base. The 5 new vehicles are expected to enable Get Removals’ personnel to provide the company’s clients with more same-day and last-minute booking slots as the vans will increase the company’s overall capacity by 40%.

Get Removals’ has purchased two types of moving vehicles – transit vans and Luton trucks. They will be used for small and large-scale moving jobs respectively as the demand for the company’s small moves and full-scale house removals has increased the most over the past few months. Each of the vehicles will be properly equipped with all the necessary protective gear such as ramps, lift gates and air-ride suspension. In addition to that, the vans and the trucks will come with modern moving tools on board including furniture blankets, pads, straps and dollies.

Since London is notorious for its heavy traffic, Get Removals Ltd. will install advanced GPS tracking systems in its up-to-date moving vehicles. In that way, the renowned company hopes to provide its customers with faster collection and delivery times. Also, the firm will insure every new vehicle which arrives in its garage to ensure that its clients enjoy a stress-free moving experience.

Get Removals Ltd.’s armada of vehicles is already quite impressive in terms of both its size and its versatility. The company is a proud owner of well-maintained transit vans, long wheelbase transits and Luton trucks which meet the industry safety and quality standards. However, the new vehicles will be greener compared to the old ones, as they are more fuel-efficient. Also, the vans will be much easier to maintain and to clean since they will also come with some special automated features.

While waiting for the arrival of its new purchase, Get Removals has already started planning the next expansion of its fleet. It will probably happen later this year and it will involve the addition of more long wheelbase transit vans to the company’s collection of vehicles.

Get Removals Ltd., an honest and dependable moving company headquartered in London, is a nationally recognised removals business which is licensed and insured to offer quality moving services in the English capital. The firm also to plans and organises home and office relocations across many towns in the United Kingdom and even to a number of European countries among which are Spain and France.

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