Fox5 Surprise Squad Shopping and Grocery Gifting for Thanksgiving

LAS VEGAS, NV, December 02, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Fox5 Surprise Squad once again went out on Thanksgiving to find people in need and help out with buying groceries and shopping. The Fox5 crew has been doing this for several years and has spent over $10,000 dollars on each occasion to try and cheer up shoppers at Albertsons in time for Thanksgiving.

The Surprise Squad is sponsored by Don Forman’s United Nissan and Tustin Nissan is one of the top sponsors alongside Albertsons and American First Credit Union. Don Forman, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist have actively participated in the surprises organized by the crew.

This year the crew was buying groceries and picking the tab for shoppers to get those in need into a cheerful Thanksgiving mood. Many of those who were gifted were preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. The assistance from the Surprise Squad provided them with gifts for loved ones and groceries to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends.

One of the touching stories in this year’s Thanksgiving surprise was a widow who has been living alone without anyone she can call family. For three years she has been struggling to make ends meet, which could not have been easy since she is immobile and has to move around in a motorized wheelchair. “I can’t tell you what a nice surprise this is,” she said holding back tears.

The crew consists of a camera crew, personalities, and guests who take part in the surprises. The show is available on Fox5’s website and YouTube channel. Surprise Squad has proven to be popular with audiences with many of them stating that they would like to see similar content that inspires hope for humanity.

If you want to nominate someone you think deserves a surprise you can do it through the show’s website. You need to submit details of whoever you are nominating, and the crew will pick a number of people from those on the list to be the recipient of great gifts and surprises.

Don Forman not only sponsors the show through his United Nissan and Tustin Nissan dealerships but has also been personally involved in humanitarian causes including in the Surprise Squad show.

Don Forman’s most memorable moment was during the Route 91 Las Vegas shooting. When he heard about the shooting, he instructed his employees at the dealership to stop what they are doing and requested them to assist with taking the victims to hospitals. Fox5 Surprise Squad YouTube channel currently has about 147,000 subscribers, with some videos getting close to 20 million views.

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