Financial Advisor Freddie Rappina Shares Eye-Opening Wealth Building Comparisons

FAIRFAX, VA, August 17, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Without question, a lot of middle-class investors play it safe, with mutual funds and standard retirement accounts with Financial Advisors. The primary goal of an average retirement is a paid off home and reduced expenses and that is the end. However, many wealthy investors have a different perspective, looking at debt and taxes as an opportunity to purchase assets that produce cash flow such as real estate and businesses. They also look at many investment options, searching to create more write-offs combined with the traditional investment strategies with usually a very different outcome from the middle-class investors. This group does not just save for retirement for one family but can create cash flow and financial freedom for generations. Financial Advisor Freddie Rappina can easily speak to these strategies, the former being “checkers” and the later, for the wealthy, being “chess.”

“Over my career I realized that when it comes to finances there are many strategies, options, and opinions. However, I believe there are two different games being played. Depending on which game you learn and play will greatly affect what kind of lifestyle you will have and the level of wealth you will be able to obtain. I compare it to checkers and chess. Playing checkers well can lead to a good financial life and a sustainable retirement,” said Freddie Rappina, Financial Advisor. “While playing ‘chess’ well can lead to higher wealth that can go on for generations. Now, there is nothing wrong with playing ‘checkers,’ just don’t believe for a second that you are playing chess.”

Freddie Rappina and his Financial team help take the stress out of the road to financial stability or even financial freedom and preparing for the future as well as maximizing the present with a straightforward approach to building financial strategies directly focused on their clients, their schedule, their unique circumstances, and most importantly their objectives. They take the time to understand client’s needs, diligently explaining different options while earning trust before offering possible solutions. Most importantly since everyone’s financial situation is bound to change, the team works with clients over time to and help ensure clients are on track to achieving their goals, regarding all of their services including traditional investments as well as alternative investments.

About Freddie Rappina

Freddie Rappina, who founded Opta Financial, is a Financial Advisor and a Chartered Financial Consultant™ as well as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary™. Freddie and his team help clients examine their current financial situation and financial goals. They complete a financial analysis, provide different options and recommendations, implement and review plans for clients. In addition to experience in the financial services industry, Freddie also has experience in law enforcement and is retired from The Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia. Freddie is originally from Long Island New York and enjoys coaching baseball. He has coached at the High School and Summer Collegiate levels before electing to coach his own son’s little league team. He lives in Wesley Chapel Florida with his wife Barbara his son Rylin and daughter Penelope. With combined education in financial services and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing insurance industry landscape, he can help to provide you with solutions for your unique situation. For more information, to book a consultation or to book a speaking engagement please visit:

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