Amazon Best Selling Author

NASHVILLE, TN, January 26, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — LaTrivia Grady is a entrepreneur, business owner and now a best selling author.

In her new book,”Go Get Your Go”, LaTrivia Grady writes for anyone who needs motivation in their journey to meeting and exceeding their life goals. We all need inspiration, and a push to invest in ourselves sometimes, and Latrivia teaches you how to start making decisions that will give you results. She takes you through her story from the lowest points, to the substantially successful place she is today, and will show you how to do the same in your life with her new book, “Go Get Your Go”.

In a recent interview on “Thriving Entrepreneur” radio show, LaTrivia said, “For me, I had to hit a certain, a very low point for me to realize that I wasn’t going anywhere, even though I was doing the day to day, I still was not making the progress that I should have. […] If you’re doing the same thing for the last 10 years and you’re making the same money, looking the same way, living the same way, that you’re on pause. […] We have to recognize when we’re on pause so we can move forward and get in that uncomfortable state, which forces you to Go Get Your Go.”

Steve Kidd, the host of the radio show encourages you to get LaTrivia’s book, “I really like the encouragement of the fact that we can take stock of our own lives, we can see the things that we’re succeeding at, the greatness we’ve been blessed to have brought into our lives, and we can really then move forward, succeed, accomplish things.”

LaTrivia Grady has called Nashville her home for several years now. She has been in the hospitality industry for 18 years where she started out as a server and has worked her way up over the years into management .Now owning her own staffing company called We Get It Right.

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