MorEnvyOne is a new artist in the abstract art scene. With new ideas, he is leveling up his already outstanding work to solidify his place within other globally renowned abstract expressionists.

LAS VEGAS, NV, December 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — MorEnvyOne has the ability to combine genres and create a fusion of colors and emotions. His art journey started from doing street graffiti art and getting himself in trouble in the San Francisco Bay area as a young boy. MorEnvyOne now has a clear vision of getting his abstract art out in the world, with a goal to be featured in all the exclusive art-appreciative places across the world. His meaningful ideas, paired with a serious passion for art, are the perfect recipe to create a new aesthetic that combines modern art with street-style and graffiti art. The end goal for MorEnvyOne is to create moving yet fun art pieces that are worthy of being hung in luxurious settings across the world.

Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, MorEnvyOne is proactively creating modern street art which is soon to be displayed in the world’s most notable locations, be it upscale hotels in Dubai or the luxury penthouses of New York City. Also available for custom commission paintings, MorEnvyOne grows as an artist everyday and accomplishes new milestones. Working through traditional channels for a long time, the artist is now all set to make his NFT debut which is a new accomplishment in itself. Since his approach and exposure to art is abstract and modern, it is most likely for MorEnvyOne to enter the NFT game where potential for creativity is unlimited. After a lot of trial and error on his self-taught art journey, he is finally able to express himself through his modern paintings. One of the signature MorEnvyOne styles is to depict famous cartoon characters outside of their usual emotional disposition, in order to convey his unique message as an artist.

More details about MorEnvyOne can be seen on his social media pages, his TikTok page and his NFT platforms

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